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Looking for YouTube-approved, high-quality music for your content? The world’s largest YouTube stars, like Peter McKinnon, use Epidemic Sound to soundtrack content without copyright complexities.

We empower YouTube creators.

We empower YouTube creators.

You can’t soundtrack and publish your content on YouTube if you don’t have all the rights. YouTube’s Content ID is designed to seek out and flag content that’s using music without permission. When flagged, your video can be muted, removed, or monetized.

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Always YouTube-approved

Epidemic Sound uploads all tracks to YouTube’s Content ID. This means we can monitor the use of our music on the platform, so you can use our catalog without worrying about copyright.

Connect your channel

When you sign up for an Epidemic Sound subscription, you'll be able to connect your YouTube channels. Connecting your channel means you can publish content with our music without worrying about copyright.

Unlimited soundtracking

Now you can publish content with as many of our tracks as you like. Forget the complicated stuff – we’ve got you covered.

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