Ever dream of quitting your 9-5 job, making your favorite hobby a full-time occupation? Well, that journey has to start somewhere, and today we'll go through how to create a YouTube channel. Here to help us out is storyteller Sylvio Raz.

If you're ready to bring your content creating to the next level and share your journey with the world, this blog post has found its way to the right reader. Taking that first step can be hard, but luckily, photographer and creator Sylvio Raz will guide you through the steps of creating your first YouTube channel.

After almost two years of working with Instagram creators, Sylvio was inspired to pick up photography himself. Eventually, after having started to work with YouTube creators as well, the urge to begin telling his own stories through video became stronger, and he took the first step of creating his own YouTube channel.

Q: Before starting a YouTube channel, what's important to keep in mind?

A: Figuring out your niche is quite important; it should definitely be connected to your actual interests and passions. If you decide to get into a niche just because you think it's popular and the videos will get more views that way, you'll have a hard time making quality videos and burn out from the lack of interest.

Q: When did you start your first YouTube channel? And why?

A: I started my YouTube channel in April 2020, and I would say it was way overdue. I had been planning to launch the channel one year earlier, but due to hesitation, lack of focus, doubting my material – I kept postponing it. When the pandemic started, I felt a slight sense of urgency and realized people were consuming online content more than ever.

Q: How do you go about creating a YouTube channel? Can you bring us through the technical and practical steps?

A: First off, you'll need to create a Google account if you don't already have one. Once you create the actual channel by choosing your channel name, it's time for some personalization. Decide on what kind of photo you want to use for your profile photo (this will be constantly seen by your subscribers as well as new viewers, so choose wisely!) Having an eye-catching banner is also important for your branding and helps people get an idea of what your channel is about. The recommended banner size is 2560  x 1440. A good tip is to use Canva, a great tool for making simple but great looking banners. Another good option for this is Instasize. A majority of creators list their niche(s) clearly on their banners, and some also state how often they post new videos.

Don't forget to add your other social channels like Instagram or Facebook. Connecting all your relevant social channels is a good way to have your viewers engage with you on different platforms.

Once you are ready to upload your first video, don't forget to use relevant tags for your video and niche. Tags can be a great way to gain new viewers and subscribers. Personally, I use Tubebuddy for tags research. This is something I would highly recommend, and their basic service is free! Remember that uploading the actual video file can take time as well as for YouTube to process your video properly. If you're aiming to upload at a certain time, give yourself an extra hour or so. It's better to be able to schedule a video ahead of time than to stress at the very last minute, trying to hit a deadline!

Q: Finally, do you have some good tips for someone who wants to create their first YouTube channel?

A: The biggest motivator for making YouTube videos is to create videos that you can be proud of. Everything else – views, likes, and subscribers – should not be a motivator when you're first starting off. If you only focus on the numbers, you will most likely find yourself disappointed and not appreciate the hard work you put into your own videos. Also, it's important to understand that you can only get better and faster by making more videos, so don't get too stuck on trying to make your first video "perfect."

Hopefully, after this beginner's guide, you'll know what to do and how, when creating your first YouTube channel, and you probably got some useful tips along the way. Next up, Sylvio will go through how to create your very first video – so stay tuned for that!

Sylvio Raz is a Creator Partnerships Manager at Epidemic Sound as well as a photographer and creator. Check out his YouTube channel here.

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