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Over 60,000 global retailers, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses trust us to set the mood for their physical spaces. We offer high-quality music with all rights included, for one monthly license fee.

What is in-store music?


What is in-store music?

We offer an extensive library of 25,000 original music tracks specifically curated to create the right vibe for any kind of commercial space.

If you want a relaxing atmosphere in a spa, an energetic vibe in a gym, or a welcoming feeling in a restaurant or retail store, our music catalog has you covered.

Our team of music experts has carefully selected tracks from a variety of genres, including pop, rock, jazz, classical, and ambient to ensure your customer experience is soundtracked in style.

World-class music, worry-free


World-class music, worry-free

We make music licensing easy with our direct license. Because we own all the rights to all of our tracks, our royalty-inclusive catalog also covers public performance rights.

That means no additional fees to PROs, so you’ll save yourself time, money, and legal worries — while elevating your brand experience with world-class music.

Add more feeling to your experience


Add more feeling to your experience

We partner with established and emerging producers, composers, and musicians all over the world, and commission original music spanning 160 genres and 34 moods.

Our talented artists and in-house production team create high-quality tracks, from dreamy disco to happy house — and include Grammy winners and collaborators of Miley Cyrus and Travis Scott.

No matter your company’s vibe, our music can help you soundtrack the perfect customer experience.

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Step into the world of music and witness the power of collaboration with our latest video featuring our lineup of sensational music artists. From soulful melodies to heart-pumping beats, this video showcases the incredible talent and diversity of Epidemic Sound.

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