Epidemic Sound music app on iOS and Android

The music app for video creators

Discover, save and download music and sound effects for your videos on the go.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I download tracks from the App?

    You can download tracks in the app straight to your phone for a quick mobile video editing experience, export them to Dropbox or other apps, send tracks via email and more!

  • How do I download tracks in the app?

    Download tracks by clicking the three dots to the right of the track title to open the contextual menu. For iOS devices you can click Download and from the share sheet you can select where you want to save or export the file. For Android devices you can choose to download the file locally to your phone or you could export it.

  • Can I create an account in the app?

    Yes. Simply download the app to create an account. To start a subscription and get a license to use the music in your content, go to epidemicsound.com, log in to your account and go to epidemicsound.com/pricing/ to pick a subscription that suits you.

  • Can I manage my account in the App?

    You can't manage your account in the app at this stage. Go to epidemicsound.com and log in to manage your account and subscription.