Digital Marketing Trends 2023: What’s New for Professional Content Creators?

Which digital marketing trends are popping off in 2023? What’s the newest, latest, emerging trend for creators to jump on? Let’s take a look.

Checking out new digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends, social media marketing trends, content marketing trends – it’s tough to keep track of everything in 2023. Let’s break down the essentials that professional content creators and businesses need to know to stay ahead of the game.

How is digital marketing changing in 2023?

There are more social media platforms than ever before. That means more potential customers and more return on investment. On the other hand, it also means you risk spreading yourself too thin, or focusing too much on one spot.

Let’s rattle through the latest digital marketing trends for creators to be aware of.

Short-form video content

If you’re advertising on TikTok, running Instagram ads, or advertising on Facebook, video will come into the equation. And with that comes length — how long should your ad be? The ‘don’t bore us, get to the chorus’ approach is usually adopted when advertising on platforms like YouTube, opting for 15 seconds or less. 

However, when you’re dealing with hyper-fast platforms like TikTok and Instagram, your ad is just one scroll away from being forgotten. Can you condense your video ad into an even shorter space than 15 seconds? Don’t do it for the sake of it, but if there’s any way to shave the seconds away, do it!

Creating short form content

Not convinced? 90% of marketers who’re currently toying with short-form video will increase their spend this year. Sure, it’s not a new marketing trend, but in 2023, it’s one of the most important. If you’re working with brands or trying to muscle in on the scene, aim to keep things short and sweet!

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Now, let’s get on with the digital marketing trends.

ChatGPT as a tool

AI has been one of the hottest emerging marketing trends for years now, and the popularity of ChatGPT has tipped it over the edge. Naturally, AI isn’t at the point where it can do everything, but ChatGPT can certainly be used as a tool.

Whether that be to process and translate different languages, come up with creative prompts, suggest responses to audience queries, or even create blog content, there’s no doubting ChatGPT’s status as one of 2023’s top digital marketing trends.

It pays to tread carefully, though. ChatGPT isn’t the same as a trusted friend or colleague. Any content or concepts created with the help of AI software should always be reviewed, fact-checked and edited by a real person. Otherwise, it could come back to bite you!

Shooting content with a ring light

Reconsider swapping Twitter for… LinkedIn?

Twitter’s been a confusing place since Elon Musk took over last year, forcing more than half of its top 1,000 advertisers to pull all spending. That doesn’t mean you should do the same – it depends on where your audience is.

After all, digital marketing in 2023 is as multichannel as multichannel can be. Budgets are often diversified across multiple platforms, even if there’s a particular focus – say, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok – in mind. 

So, if Twitter isn’t where your core demographic sits, consider placing that spend elsewhere. That money could be pumped into your existing platform spend, or somewhere else entirely.

Take LinkedIn, for example. The business-minded social media platform is projected to net 25% of all business-to-business (B2B) ad spend within the United States next year – tell us that’s not a reason to get excited! If your personal brand makes sense on LinkedIn, it’s worth looking into.

SEO is taking over

Whether you’re building a microsite, writing a blog, or mapping out content for YouTube, SEO (search engine optimization) is something you need in your pocket. Nearly 90% of marketers plan to up their SEO game in 2023, hoping to capture more online traffic and keep up with Google’s algorithm updates. 

Interested in how SEO can work for you as a content creator? Read our guide to SEO here.

Shooting content

Embrace influencers

You probably don’t think ‘latest marketing trends!’ when someone brings up influencers, but the confusion around return on investment has stopped older-school marketers from diving in headfirst. The ice is starting to thaw, though, with 17% of marketers expected to try influencer marketing for the first time in 2023.

Teaming up with influencers who align with brands’ values does wonders for public perception. If you’re looking to collaborate with a bigger influencer, avoid choosing them for their reach alone; if their personality and beliefs don’t match what you’re all about, audiences will know something’s not right.

On top of that, embrace micro-influencers

Brands don’t have to go all-out on a famous influencer to see results nowadays. One of the more exciting, recent marketing trends to emerge over the last few years is micro-influencers: smaller scale, ‘non-famous’ influencers. In other words, it could be you or us!

Micro-influencers tend to have anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, and what they lack in an audience they make up for in engagement. Their engagement rates are usually through the roof, and audiences often trust these ‘everyday’ influencers more than someone with a larger corporate objective.

It checks out, too. More than half of marketers investing in influencer campaigns are currently working with micro-influencers. Don’t get left behind!

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Filming content together

Case studies are often used to win clients in the B2B world, but what about business-to-consumer (B2C)? It turns out that case studies have become one of the bigger content market trends of recent years, with 37% of marketers planning to use them for the first time in 2023.

Is there any case study-esque material you can leverage? Perhaps a brand’s sales increased after your collab, or a certain tool helped you boost engagement. Anything and everything, depending on what your audience wants.

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