TikTok trends 2023: What’s going to pop off?

Last year was a milestone for TikTok, but what does 2023 look like? Let’s dig into the TikTok trends happening right now, what the platform thinks the focus will be going forward, and other nuggets of knowledge.

TikTok trends 2023: What’s going to pop off?

Last year was a milestone for TikTok, but what does 2023 look like? Let’s dig into the TikTok trends happening right now, what the platform thinks the focus will be going forward, and other nuggets of knowledge.

There are plenty of different topics to discuss when it comes to TikTok trends in 2023, but it makes sense to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Let’s check out what TikTok themselves think will be the prominent trends, according to their ‘What’s Next’ 2023 Trend Report. 

Actionable entertainment

That’s a nice phrase, but what does it mean? In a nutshell, it means that clickbaity TikTok ads are going to stop. No more videos asking you to ‘wait ‘til the end’ for the good stuff – actionable entertainment is ad-driven content with a clear, valuable purpose. TikTok are calling it ‘show, don’t sell’, which we think is pretty neat.

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After all, high entertainment TikTok ads score 15% higher for brand love, and 15% more for purchase intent than low entertainment alternatives. So why settle? If you’re running TikTok ads, use relatable people to front your content, don’t make viewers wait for the juicy bits, and be sure to make something fun that has a real call-to-action. Goodbye, clickbait!

Making space for joy

It might sound corny, but one of the hot TikTok trends for 2023 is just, well, making people happy! The last few years haven’t been the best, and users want inspiring content.

Small pockets of happiness can make a big difference. After all, 92% of TikTok users felt ‘a positive emotion’ after seeing a video that encouraged them to do something off the platform. Be that inspiration! Get on the meme train. Deliver some top-tier life hacks. Whether you’re a brand, professional influencer, or amateur content creator, making the world a better place is going to be a key TikTok trend for 2023. 

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Community-built ideals

Users often search for specific TikTok hashtags and keywords because they want an answer to a question. So, give it to them! Find niche, relevant groups for your content using hashtags – think of things like #BookTok, #CleanTok, or even #Goblincore – and enrich their experience on the app.

Now that we've covered the specific areas TikTok themselves have outlined as ones to watch in 2023, let’s dive into some other new trends we should keep in mind this year.

Music will play an even bigger role

2022 showed the real power TikTok has when it comes to music. Sure, we already knew that new artists could blow up on the platform. But last year, we saw everyone from Kate Bush to Metallica and the Satanic rock band Ghost score millions of listens for old – and obscure, in Ghost’s case – tracks. And it worked. Come on. How much more dramatic is this cat ambush thanks to the music?

@thepetcollective This is the most adorable ambush in the world! 💕😻✨#AnimalRescue #RescueCats #CatParents #KittenTok #KittenRescue #PetRescue #CatTok #ViralCats #CuteCats #CuteKittens #PetAdoption #CatAdoption #Wildlife #Nature ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

Now that Viral TikTok Sound is well and truly established as a worldwide chart, we can anticipate music to make an even bigger dent in 2023. More TikTok dance trends, more lip-syncing, more wittily soundtracked content to trending tunes – more great content!

There’ll be more emphasis on hashtags

Since more brands piled onto TikTok last year, there’ll no doubt be more focus on the branded capabilities of hashtags in 2023. Expect your favorite companies to hop onto #trends and muscle their way onto your feed more often.

TikTok is more popular than ever, meaning that paid advertising will also blow up as a trend in 2023. As brands flock to the platform, it might make things more difficult for independent content creators. This may result in more of the small, grassroots TikTokers using ads to cut through the noise.

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TikTok’s search function will keep getting better

TikTok’s all about discovery. Sharing. Finding exciting new ways to talk about things. According to a senior member of Google, nearly half of Gen Z users will search TikTok for trip-planning and product recommendations, rather than Google. Don’t be surprised if TikTok introduces predictive text in the search bar, or even localized features like ‘Near You’ options.

Duets and Stitches will keep gaining momentum

Duets and Stitches became a massive part of forming communities, friendships and trends during the pandemic, when hanging out together wasn’t easy. Even though things are now a bit more ‘regular’ in 2023, Duets and Stitches show no signs of slowing down. Brands and content creators can use these types of videos to put their own spin on trending content, while also bigging up indie users with whom they’re Stitching or Duetting.

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TikTok LIVE will expand

TikTok LIVE is riding a timely trend that’s only gaining popularity. Usage doubled between 2020 and 2021, and we’re likely to see similar growth over the next few years. As a result, the platform will probably lean heavily on LIVE, adding new features and giving users more flexibility with their livestreaming sessions.  

Like we mentioned up top, though: it needs to be actionable entertainment. The best ads on TikTok are the ones that don’t really look like ads. Anyone using paid advertising on TikTok in 2023 should consider a native approach. That meaning, ensuring their content aligns with organic, community-made videos on the same topic. Otherwise, you risk coming off as a little fake – let’s avoid that!

So, those are the main, hot TikTok trends, new and old, predicted to pop off in 2023. Time will tell, but one thing’s for certain: TikTok’s going to be busier than ever.

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