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You’re a filmmaker. You need professional, original music for filmmakers to captivate your audience. The biggest names in the game use Epidemic Sound’s catalog of 40,000 tracks to bring their stories to life.

Soundtrack your world.

Soundtrack your world.

Ennio Morricone famously said that music in film manages to “tell a story that images do not reveal”. There’s no doubting the power of an excellent soundtrack. Whether you’re looking to convey suspense, romance, or add dimension to your protagonists, music is the greatest tool for any filmmaker. Soundtrack the world within your film with Epidemic Sound.

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100% unique sound effects.

100% unique sound effects.

We collaborate closely with our artists to ensure you always have access to fresh, authentic music and sound effects to power your film. As the sole owners of all the music’s financial rights, everything is covered and exclusive to Epidemic Sound. This is the safest way to soundtrack your story.

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