Music for fashion and beauty stories

Seamlessly soundtrack your cosmetic brand, fashion label, or online retailer. All rights included, for all markets and platforms.


Music for any style, runway, or campaign

Music for any style, runway, or campaign

Discover new music daily on our easy-to-use platform spanning 160+ genres and over 40,000 original tracks developed from data insights and industry trends.

Our talented artists and in-house team create high-quality music — and include Grammy winners and collaborators of Miley Cyrus and Travis Scott.

Get unlimited access to full tracks and stems to cut, mix, and loop with creative freedom.

Or request custom playlists and music strategy sessions from our Music Curators to nail your brand’s sound.

Tailor your content for social media success

Tailor your content for social media success

We’re here to help your content take off. Your personal Customer Success Manager helps you hone your music strategy to reach your business goals and achieve content success.

Looking to go viral? Our partnership with TikTok enables you to use music that’s pushed out to billions of users — in turn, increasing your content visibility and fueling conversions.

Every day our tracks are heard more than 2 billion times on YouTube, 500 million times on TikTok, and 30 million times on platforms like Spotify.

Music wherever you need it. Zero legal risk.

Experience flexibility and peace of mind with one music license that covers your publishing needs — across all platforms and markets.

All content you or your influencers publish during your subscription stays cleared forever, from digital ads to live events and fashion shows.

Our direct license means that we own all the rights to our music. Since our music is not affiliated with Performance Rights Organizations (PROs), we remove complex admin and legal risk entirely.


"The difference between royalty-free and PRO-free is very important, because royalty-free can mean a lot of different things. It's a mistake to think that just because something claims to be royalty-free, that means I can use this content however I want, wherever I want, in any context."

Supercharge your team and workflow

Supercharge your team and workflow

Finding great music shouldn’t be frustrating. Our player is designed to reduce friction in your soundtracking process, with a suite of tools and features that integrate seamlessly into your workflow — for multiple users all at once.

You can effortlessly soundtrack your beauty and fashion content with our search feature Topics, which helps you find music that resonates with your online community. Try #skincare or #fashion and hear for yourself.

And with AI-powered Soundmatch, you can play your video and get custom track recommendations in seconds — either in our player or via our Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin.


"Prior to working with Epidemic Sound, our music options were often too 'stock' sounding, and we'd spend a ton of time going back and forth on track approvals. Because of the high quality of Epidemic Sound’s music, our workflows are much smoother and we can iterate faster to find that perfect track."


Who qualifies for the Enterprise Plan?

Regardless of where you want to publish, the Enterprise Plan has you covered. From broadcast and OTT, to influencer channels and events — the Enterprise Plan can be customized to fit all your publishing needs.

Additionally, if you are a business that has more than $10 million USD in annual revenue or need multiple users, the Enterprise Plan is for you.

We help global businesses across an array of industries reach their content goals.

If you are a freelancer or small business with only one user, check out our Commercial Plan.

Does your license cover influencers?

The Enterprise Plan can be customized to all your publishing needs, including influencer channels on any platform. By covering your influencers, you can make sure to keep your sound consistent across all your branded content and avoid legal risks.

How can Epidemic Sound boost my content’s performance on TikTok?

Epidemic Sound is an official TikTok Sound Partner, and TikTok videos with Epidemic Sound music are viewed nearly 500 million times every day.

As a part of TikTok's Artist Impact Program, our artists are promoted regularly in the app. When you use our tracks, you’re using music that’s been pushed out to billions of users, increasing your content visibility and fueling conversions.

Find your twist on current trends in our TikTok-themed playlists, or give your content a jump-start with the most popular Epidemic Sound tracks on the platform.

What can we expect with the Enterprise Plan?

Our customers constantly rate their satisfaction with our partnership highly thanks to:

  • Improved results on their productions with our high-quality music
  • Increased efficiencies across their teams, workflows and day-to-day
  • Freedom and flexibility to operate under the most robust license on the market with all rights covered, including public performance rights
What makes Epidemic Sound’s license different from royalty-free music providers?

Unlike royalty-free music providers, we offer a direct license. This means that our license comes with all rights included — even public performance rights, which are rarely included with other music providers.

Public performance rights are essential when making content publicly available through your company's website, social media channels, events, broadcast, etc.

For you, a direct license means less reporting and zero legal risk if you publish content across different markets and platforms.

On what platforms can we publish content with music from Epidemic Sound?

With Epidemic Sound’s Enterprise Plan, your license can be customized to cover all your publishing needs — from any online platform or broadcast format, to offline events and the metaverse.

Where does your music come from?

Music is at the heart of everything we do. We work directly with artists from around the world to bring you high-quality, original tracks that are perfectly in tune with your creative needs. Our music strategy harnesses customer feedback, data insights from over 2 billion YouTube views per day, and knowledge from in-house experts.

Our talented artists and in-house music team include Grammy winners and multi-platinum recording artists. They draw on years of industry experience from a broad set of backgrounds ranging from major-label pop to underground hip hop, all within a global context. On average, our artists earn over $50,000 USD per year, with our top earners making more than $200,000 USD per year.

How am I allowed to edit the tracks?

We know that different types of content call for different sounds. You are allowed to cut, loop, and change the BPM of our tracks to get the specific sound you’re looking for, as long as the fundamental character of the track remains the same.

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