Epidemic Sound for Uscreen

Uscreen has partnered with Epidemic Sound to provide access to high-quality, royalty-free music and sound effects for VOD, live streaming and OTT apps. Unlock a whole new world of soundtracking within Uscreen.

Elevate your video content today

The Uscreen and Epidemic Sound partnership now allows music coverage on the Uscreen platform. This makes it possible for Uscreen users to access inspiring, elevating and royalty-free music to soundtrack their video content.

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Get original music by global artists

Our talented artists and in-house production team create high-quality music spanning all genres, from dreamy disco to happy house — and include Grammy winners and collaborators of Miley Cyrus and Travis Scott.

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No copyright claim worries

No copyright claim worries

Epidemic Sound is the sole owner of all rights to the catalog, so you’ll never have to worry about copyright claims or royalty payouts. The music is cleared for use on all major platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) and now also Uscreen. Let us take care of the technicalities, so you can focus on creating the best content possible.

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