Just need one track? Use our Single-Track License

At Epidemic Sound, we don’t just offer subscriptions. With TrackShop, you can license individual tracks to suit personal projects, client work, and more.

Using a single-track license

Looking to license music for one specific project? No worries – our TrackShop’s got you covered. 

What is TrackShop?

TrackShop is Epidemic Sound’s Single-Track License storefront. Instead of committing to a subscription, you can cherry-pick one single track for your project. This track can be used in one production, across multiple platforms.

Single-Track Licenses have been a part of Epidemic Sound’s DNA since 2015. However, we’ve now improved our offering with lower pricing and more comprehensive licenses. Whether you’ve used our Single-Track Licenses before or are new to the game, we hope you enjoy it!

How to use TrackShop

To access the TrackShop, head to the Epidemic Sound Player and find the track you’d like to use for your project. 

Shooting some content

How to purchase music in TrackShop

Once you’ve listened to the track and decided it’s the right fit, click the Shopping Cart button. This will prompt you to purchase a license suitable to your needs – we’ll get onto the different licenses in a minute.

Choose your license, fill in your details, choose a payment method, accept the Music License terms, then hit ‘Continue’ and finish the purchase process. If you’re not already signed up with Epidemic Sound, you’ll be prompted to create an account during the purchase process. This is so we can safelist and clear music for your projects.

How to clear music from TrackShop

Once you’ve purchased a track to use in your project, log in to your Epidemic Sound account. Click the ‘Licenses’ button from the menu and select the Single-Track License you purchased.

Now you’re in your Single-Track License, scroll down and select ‘Clear Video.’ Grab the link or preview link of the video you’d like to clear, and paste it into the ‘Clear a Video’ field. Double-check you’ve got the right link, then click the ‘Clear’ button.

When the video’s been successfully cleared, the link will appear under the ‘Cleared Videos’ section.

Using a mixing console

Why use TrackShop?

Epidemic Sound’s catalog is heaving with more than 40,000 royalty-free tracks, all top-quality and available with a subscription. So, why use TrackShop instead? Let’s see if TrackShop is right for you. 

You only need one track

We have more than 40,000 tracks, but you only need one – a subscription probably feels overwhelming. In this instance, TrackShop is more manageable and solves your problem straight away. You can dip your toe in and purchase the license for one track before diving into an entire subscription.

You’re using tracks for client work

You can clear tracks for client work with an Epidemic Sound subscription, but it requires action from both parties. With TrackShop, you only need to let us know the details of your content. If you want that extra peace of mind, TrackShop’s the way to go. 

Does TrackShop sound right for you? Check out our catalog below and keep reading to explore the different TrackShop licenses.

TrackShop Single-Track Licenses

Now that you’ve learned what TrackShop is and why you might use it, let’s break down the different licenses. Our updated range is more affordable and accessible than ever – there’s something for every budget.


This license is for hobbyists looking to enhance their content, and is available for $6.99 per track. Your video will be cleared for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitch. You’ll also be able to monetize your soundtracked content on YouTube. 


The Personal license is ideal for creators looking to monetize their content, and comes in at $39.99 per track. The tracks are good to use in your content anywhere online, and are eligible to monetize across all platforms.

Filming commercial content


This license should suit any freelancer or professional creating commercial productions. Whether the work’s your own or for a client, the Commercial license has got your back. Aside from all the perks of the Personal option, the Commercial license is good to go across digital ads, too. It’s available for $99.99 per track.


This license is strictly for businesses and agencies. The $999.99 price tag is higher, and with that comes freedom: the Business license allows usage in TV shows, TV ads, commercial streaming, and VOD.

For a more visual take on our Single-Track Licenses, head over here. 

Decided which TrackShop license fits your project? Browse the catalog below and find the perfect soundtrack today.

And if you’ve realized you need more than just one track, a subscription might ‌suit you better. That’s all good – check out our subscription plans here. 

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