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Avoid Copyright Claims by Licensing Music From Epidemic Sound

Avoid Copyright Claims by Licensing Music From Epidemic Sound

Let's talk about licensing, copyright claiming, and why adding your platform accounts to your Epidemic Sound subscription is important.

If you use copyrighted music in content without the right to do so, the music's rights-owner can claim the uploaded content. When copyright claiming on YouTube, there are three actions for the claimant to choose from, hence three things that can happen to your video:

  • Block: Blocks the content from being seen or heard.
  • Track: Lets the claimant track viewer activity.
  • Monetize: Lets the claimant run adverts against the video and generate revenue.

Make sure you own the rights, or have a license, to use the music you've chosen. Owning all the necessary rights to a piece of music involves holding the rights to the master recording, composition, performance, and all the underlying music. This essentially means you have to have written and recorded it yourself.

Avoid copyright claims

If you don't want or have the means to produce your own music, you can get a direct license to a track or an entire music catalog. With an Epidemic Sound Subscription, you simply connect it to each platform account (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) on which you're going to publish content featuring our music. You can then safely soundtrack your content with Epidemic Sound's 90,000 tracks and 35,000 sound effects without worrying about copyright infringement claims.

How does a music license work?

Epidemic Sound is the sole owner of all its music catalog's financial rights. That's how we can offer a subscription that gets you a direct license to use all of our music as much as you want in content that you publish on your added platform accounts, without being hit by copyright claims. When active Epidemic Sound subscribers upload content containing our music, their linked account or channel will be cleared in our system.

That's why we ask you to add and connect your accounts and channels, either when signing up, or under 'Me' – 'Account' – 'Subscriptions' when logged in. We support YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, and podcasts. You can add one account (channel/profile/page/RSS) per platform. That way, the content you publish featuring our tracks will be cleared from music copyright claims forever, as long as it's uploaded while you have an active subscription.

Avoid copyright claims with Epidemic Sound

However, suppose you publish videos containing our music on platforms that you haven't added to your subscription, or publish once your subscription's ended. In that case, we can't recognize you as a licensed user. This means you'll run the risk of receiving copyright claims. In other words, it's all about making sure you have a license, and adding the platform accounts on which you want to publish content containing Epidemic Sound's music.

What happens if I don’t add my platform accounts?

We claim unlicensed usage of our music through monetization (by running ads) because it supports the Epidemic Sound ecosystem. A system that only works if the people who use our music pay for it, so we can continue offering fair compensation to the people making the music. Epidemic Sound pays artists and composers upfront and splits streaming revenue 50/50.

Before activating any copyright claim, we go through a detailed review process, in which we carefully investigate whether the supposedly unlicensed user does have a license or not. If they do, we obviously don't activate the claim.

Finally, even if you have a license to use our music, publishing content featuring Epidemic Sound music on platform accounts that haven't been added to your subscription can result in you receiving copyright claims. This is because, without your account, we won't be able to identify you as a licensed user on the platform in question.

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Avoid Copyright Claims by Licensing Music From Epidemic Sound
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