The Epidemic Sound app is here!

Discover, save and download music for your content, on the go.

Epidemic Sound app

Discover, save, and download music for your content on the go. The Epidemic Sound mobile app gives you the freedom to soundtrack your stories wherever you are.

Who are you as a creator? Do you finalize your edits at your desk, with a big screen and speakers? Or do you do it on the go, tapping and scrolling while wearing a pair of headphones? Maybe you’re somewhere in between, always searching for the perfect soundtrack for your next project, but doing most of your mixing and editing on your desktop or laptop.

Regardless of who you are as a storyteller, our mission is to empower you in finding the perfect sound for your next creation. With our new mobile app, discovering, saving, and downloading tracks from our entire music catalog is easier and faster than ever before. Find that perfect soundtrack on the go, anywhere, anytime.

We want everyone to be able to soundtrack the world with us, whenever and wherever. For now, our new app is available with an Epidemic Sound account. While we work on a version that lets you register directly in the app, please create an account via our website. Once you’re done, you can download the app, sign in, and soundtrack your content on the go!

If you have an Epidemic Sound account, get the app here:

→ Apple iOS

→ Android

If you haven't got an Epidemic Sound account but want to access the app, get started here.