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Themes: Making It Even Easier to Find the Perfect Track!

Themes: Making It Even Easier to Find the Perfect Track!

At Epidemic Sound, we’re on a constant quest to make it easier for you to find the music for your content as quickly as possible. Whether it’s music recommendations for your YouTube channel, similar audio-based search tools, or providing you with collaborative playlists – it’s all about helping you find that perfect soundtrack. This time around, we’ve taken a look at our curated content. Presenting: Themes!

Access to content is overwhelming in today's world, so curation has become crucial. As our catalog grows, curation needs to develop alongside it. Therefore, we went back to our ultimate goal: making it easy for you to navigate our catalog and find what you’re after.

We looked at the actual use cases. How do you, our users, navigate Epidemic Sound? How do you find the music, and what stories do you soundtrack?

Epidemic Sound Themes
Find Themes next to Albums on our Music home page

What’s new?

Having sifted through a lot of data, conducted interviews, and analyzed user behavior in our player, we’re very excited to launch Themes! Themes will sit next to the ‘Albums’ section on our ‘Featured’ music home page.

Themes are carefully curated and sorted by use case. There are 27 Themes with 160 ‘Playlists’ in a diverse range of relevant content categories. The playlists contain tens of thousands of individually selected tracks, making it even easier to find the right music for your content. All the playlists are continuously updated to stay fresh and relevant. We hope you’ll find your favorites and want to return to them when looking for a new track.

Epidemic Sound Themes
Playlists are continuously updated to stay fresh 

Why Themes?

Themes will make it easier and quicker to navigate the catalog and find what you’re after. Further, this update lets us better match our curation with what creators need for their content, which allows us to present the music in a way that lets you find the perfect track faster. Do you have a theme in mind that we've missed? Get in touch and let us know!

Themes: Making It Even Easier to Find the Perfect Track!
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