Introducing: Sync to video

Try your video with music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound.

Introducing sync to video

Want to try out a soundtrack with your video before downloading it? Sync your video with any track or sound effect in the Epidemic Sound catalog to see if it’s a match, right inside the Epidemic Sound Player.

Sometimes, you find a track that you like, but you're not sure if it works with the video you're editing. In an ideal world, you’d be able to try the track with the video before you download and import it into your editing tool. Well, with Sync to Video, you can.

Sync is ultimately about convenience, helping you find the perfect soundtrack quicker and easier, so you can spend more time creating awesome content. You no longer have to listen to music and sound effects and visualize how they work with your video, or have several windows open at the same time, switching between them.

When logged in and playing a track, click the video player icon in the far right of the player bar – you’ll find that toward the bottom of the window. Next, choose the video you want to play from your device by browsing or drag-and-dropping.

Hit the ‘Trim’ button to the right if you want to soundtrack a specific part of your video. You can also choose between muting and unmuting the sound from your video.

Each time you start playing a new track, the video will play from the beginning. If you want to deactivate this, click the ‘Settings’ icon and un-toggle ‘Sync video to track’.