The 5 Photoshop templates you should be using right now

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing tool, and it can be improved with templates. Let’s look at where you can find templates, if you can get them for free, and which are the best.

Using Adobe Photoshop templates

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing tool, and it can be improved with templates. Let’s look at where you can find templates, if you can get them for free, and which are the best.

What are templates in Photoshop?

Templates are oven-ready, multi-layered overlays created by professionals. They can be downloaded, customized and used for your own projects, giving them a particular look or feel. Even huge companies with hundreds of employees capable of making things from scratch use templates.

Why? They’re easy. They’re shortcuts to industry-standard product mock-ups, photo effects, collages, webpage layouts, and more for your Photoshop projects. Images, videos, and 3D graphics? There’ll be a template for whatever you’re working on. If you need that extra bit of sparkle but don’t quite have the time or budget to make it from zero, don’t sweat it. Templates are your new best buddy. 

Looking up Photoshop templates

Where do I find local Photoshop templates?

Photoshop is ripe for template usage – if the template is out there, you should be able to sling it into your project! Photoshop templates are recognizable by their file type. They’re called Photoshop documents, which should be labeled as ‘.psd’ in your computer’s file explorer.

You can download these files and save them locally before importing them into Photoshop. However, it pays to keep your wits about you. PSD files are the default file setting for regular Photoshop projects, so it’s easy to get templates mixed up with your work-in-progress files. So, if you’re using templates, consider labeling them as such and saving them in a different folder to your main projects.

People will often create template files in Photoshop and share them for public download. You can also find a near-endless supply of Photoshop templates over at Adobe Stock. 

Where can I download free Photoshop templates?

Adobe Stock is fantastic, but if you have a tight budget, you need to save where you can without sacrificing quality or choice.

Browsing Photoshop templates

You needn’t worry. There are loads of websites that offer up-to-date, vibrant Photoshop templates to use in your content. Here are just a few of them:

Before we head into the 5 best Photoshop templates, it’s worth addressing other elements that’ll help your content stand out. One of those is the soundtrack: after all, bad music kills good video. Don’t let an off-brand tune derail your hard work – browse Epidemic Sound’s catalog of 40,000 tracks and find the perfect song every time.

The 5 best Premiere Pro templates

OK, it’s go-time. Here are the 5 best Photoshop templates you should check out today.

Concert Event Poster

Timeless color scheme! Cool font! A guy playing guitar! (Whom you’d obviously sub for yourself, shredding away.) If you want to give your conference, gig, or speaking event a bit more flare, check out this Concert Event Poster template over on… Template. You can grab it for just $24 with Template’s yearly Pro plan. 


People use social media to gather news more often than the actual paper, so grab their attention with this striking, red-on-white-and-black Instagram Carousel template from Free Design Resources. It’s packing six different carousel slides, so you really do get bang for your buck. Well, it’s free, so that’s a lot of bang for precisely zero bucks.

Vintage Book Poster

Vintage is in at the moment, so hop on the trend with Adobe Stock’s Vintage Book Poster template. The scratches, the imperfections, the ye olde font that looks like a book some kid might have read in the 1940s – beautiful. It’s available to download for free with a trial, or as part of your existing Adobe Stock subscription. 

Glitch Text Effect

If you want to strike a tone that’s the middle ground between TikTok and an episode of ‘Black Mirror’, this Glitch Text Effect from Freepik is too good to miss. That trio of blue, purple and white really pops against the stark black background – we’re sure it’ll spice up any title cards you might have knocking around. 

Paint Brush Photo Effect

It would be rude not to include another killer template from Adobe Stock, so we’ll round off our list with this Paint Brush Effect template. It works a treat with portraits, action, detail shots, even logos – download it now and see for yourself!

Browsing Photoshop templates

How do you import Photoshop templates?

Once you’ve downloaded your template PSD, importing it into Photoshop and using it is fairly straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Open the PSD template in Photoshop.
  2. Select all of the template’s layers. You can do this by hitting the ‘Select All’ button in the ‘Layers’ panel. You only need to do this if your template contains multiple layers, though – skip this step if it’s just a single layer.
  3. Copy your selected layers. For ease, use the shortcuts on your keyboard: ‘Ctrl-C’ on Windows, or ‘Command-C’ for Mac.
  4. Open the Photoshop file you want to use with your template. So, a video you’ve cut, some imagery for a flyer, a photo of your lovely face.
  5. Paste your copied template layers into the Photoshop file containing your media. Do this with the shortcut ‘Ctrl-V’ on Windows, or ‘Command-V’ on a Mac.
  6. Start designing. Import additional media, customize your template and go crazy!

So, you’ve found, imported and edited the perfect Photoshop template. If your project contains a video element, now’s the time to start thinking about music. Most video content you shoot will require a soundtrack, and securing the necessary rights and licenses can be a pain. Let us help you out there.

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