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Soundtrack Suggestions From a Music Curator

Soundtrack Suggestions From a Music Curator

Lacking inspiration for your next project or have got great footage but no sound? Our music curation expert, Julia Simonson, has got some stellar tips and suggestions of perfect music for all types of YouTube videos.

Laid back, quirky, or sexy? Choosing the right soundtrack for your video is crucial for setting the tone of the story you’re trying to tell. In this blog post, I’ll give you some concrete tips for picking the perfect royalty free music to accompany your content. Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of music for different kinds of YouTube videos!

Music for travel videos

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your next YouTube travel video? Think dreamy, floating soundscapes and epic beats. Here are some suggestions of albums to check out.

Travel Beats
Vacay Vibes

Music for cooking videos

Nailed that Cacio e Pepe platter but haven’t found the music to go with the proof of it yet? A good tip when it comes to cooking videos is to aim for soft soundbeds, as voice overs are common to add on top of the music.

Fine Dining
Street Food

Music for workout and fitness videos

Into fitness and all things spelt sweat and discipline? No matter if your videos are recorded in a gym or your living room – we’ve got the music part covered. Time to put your running shoes on and get ready for some upbeat tunes!

Pop Fitness
Workout from Home

Music for gaming videos

Whether it’s Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or something entirely different – including music in your streams is a great way to boost the viewer experience. Here are some good suggestions of albums to include.

Dreamy Gaming
Epic Gaming
Let’s Play
Happy Gaming

Music for trailers and promos

When it comes to trailer and promo videos, a good rule of thumb is to identify tracks that stand out and tend to get stuck in people's minds. Go for short and catchy hooks to grab your listeners’ attention. That way you’re setting a unique tone and vibe for your short intro snippets, trailers, and outros. Simultaneously, you often the music to be voiceover friendly.

Podcast Promos
Promos & Trailers
Badass Ads

Music for corporate and informational videos

When choosing the music for corporate and informational videos, I like to think inspirational, hopeful, and driving. You also want it to function as a soundbed, as it’s common to add voice-overs on top of corporate and informational content.

Real Estate Soundbeds
Information Soundscapes
Online News

Music for family and kids videos

When it comes to family friendly videos, and videos for kids, it goes without saying: it’s important not to use tracks that are too dramatic, scary or threatening. Instead, aim for excitement, adventure and playfulness. Let’s have some fun!

Goofy Moments
Childhood Adventures
Playground Beats
Mystery Feelgood

Music for fashion and lifestyle videos

Need music for fashion videos, makeup tutorials, beauty, vlogs, and other lifestyle videos? Just like in fashion and beauty: think creative when soundtracking your content and try mixing and matching different elements. For example, use genre-crossovers and unexpected elements – be innovative! Below are some suggestions to get you started.

Epic Fashion
Get Ready With Me
Experimental Fashion
In Vogue
Makeup Tutorial

Music for product and tech videos

ASMR sounds, cyberpunk, and detailed productions… Some music just has a tech-feel to it. To get that modern, innovative feeling, a good idea is to mix modern sounds with organic and even orchestral sounds. Epidemic Sound’s own genre Modern Classical is a hybrid of the old and new, with tracks that are rich in instrumentation, fusing orchestral elements with modern atmospheric beats.

Modern Classical vol. 2
Car Ads

Music is a powerful tool to convey emotions and tell stories. Therefore, making sure you accompany the content you’ve edited to perfection with equally as amazing music is key. I hope you found this blog post useful. Now, onto the fun part: soundtracking!

Want to include the suggested tracks in your content, but haven't got a subscription? Sign up for a free trial today and start soundtracking.

Are you a YouTuber? Whether you’re an editing master or just a beginner, discover what Epidemic Sound has to offer in our Epidemic Sound for YouTube page. And, if you’re looking for some music for YouTube, we got you covered.

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Soundtrack Suggestions From a Music Curator
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