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Music Curation – A mix Between Art and Science

Music Curation – A mix Between Art and Science

Ever wondered how all of our albums and playlists actually come together? Let’s take a look inside the working lives of our colleagues, whose job titles often induces the question: ‘So what do you actually do?’. That’s right, our Music Curation Team is being dragged out into the spotlight.

Music curation is all about enhancing an experience. It’s an art form that requires skill and musical instinct. Anyone who’s spent hours upon hours in their bedroom pressing ‘record’ and ‘stop’ on their cassette player in pursuit of the perfect mixtape, can attest to that. But to be able to cater to the needs of a client, there is also plenty of science behind it. We’re talking research, strategic marketing plans, and data which is later translated into community insights.

What does a music curator at Epidemic Sound do?

Well, for starters they listen to music. A lot of music. They have immense knowledge when it comes to sound, and they believe every situation calls for a neat playlist. Whatever the space, they know the style and genre suited for it. Our music curators help all kinds of brands to create soundscapes for commercials, events, and installations. Why? To maintain a certain atmosphere, set a specific mood, or simply help tell their story.

These music wizards spend lots of time exploring new artists and are always on the lookout for upcoming trends. A big part of their job is to update the curated music albums in our library on a regular basis. They make sure selected tracks stay relevant and continue to inspire creators across the globe. They categorize the tracks by genre, mood, instrumentation, vocals, BPM… You name it! And the more specific the categorization, the easier it gets to choose music that best matches your content.

Sounds like a pretty amazing job, right? Well, it is!

Got questions? This is your shot!

To give you the best tips and tricks on how to find the perfect soundtracks for your projects, we’ve decided to let our experts have a word. That’s why we’d like to introduce a new series called Music 101 – an Instagram Q&A session where YOU will get the chance to ask our curators anything and everything you’d like to know about the royalty free music and sound effects in our library.

Here are the details:

What? Q&A session with our music curators
When? Every other Thursday at 17:00 CET, starting on the 17th of September
Where? Epidemic Sound's Instagram

We hope to see you there!

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Music Curation – A mix Between Art and Science
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