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Music Recommendations for your YouTube Videos

Music Recommendations for your YouTube Videos

It can be difficult to know where to begin looking for that perfect soundtrack. Searching, filtering, sorting and listening – we know the feeling. Soundtracking should be fun, not tedious. That’s why we want to start tailoring the Epidemic Sound experience to you personally, starting with a quick and easy way to find the right music for your YouTube videos.

What’s new?
Based on recently uploaded videos to the YouTube channel that you connected to your Epidemic Sound account, we’ll provide you with music recommendations, starting on day one of your subscription! Basically, we’ll recommend music commonly used with the type of videos you’ve published on your channel. Don’t like the recommendations? Just refresh and you’ll get a new set of tracks.

More to come
If your YouTube channel doesn’t have videos, we probably won’t be able to provide you with recommendations based on your channel. But rest assured, this is only the first step on our journey toward a personalized Epidemic Sound experience and before long you’ll get music recommendations as well. We want to continue using our unique position between content and music creators to provide a powerful and smooth way of elevating video with music.

Go to your 'Subscriptions' page to add your YouTube channel and get music recommendations.

If you want to use high-quality, royalty free music in your content, check out Epidemic Sound's library.

Are you a YouTuber? Whether you’re an editing master or just a beginner, discover what Epidemic Sound has to offer on our Epidemic Sound for YouTube page. And, if you’re looking for some music for YouTube, we got you covered.
Music Recommendations for your YouTube Videos
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