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How to Save TikTok Videos

How to Save TikTok Videos

Have you ever wanted to save a TikTok video for later, but don’t quite know how? We feel you. While most TikTok videos are easy to save on your phone or laptop, some aren’t so straightforward to download.

So, to simplify the process, here’s our guide on how to save TikTok videos. We’ll cover:

  • How to save TikTok videos the easiest way: Long press
  • How to save TikTok videos the easy way: Share-save
  • How to save TikTok videos the harder way: TTDownloader

Can you save someone’s TikTok video?

Your mobile phone is the easiest way to save TikTok videos. Check out this article if you need a quick refresher on what TikTok is and how it works.

The save feature is available directly within the platform for most content, offering two ways to snap up videos in-app.

How to save TikTok videos

The easiest way: Long press

Once you’ve found the video you want to save, just press and hold your finger on the middle of the screen. A menu will appear with 'Save Video' at the top – it looks like a downward-facing arrow. Give that button a bash, then your phone will start to save the TikTok video. That’s it!

The easy way: Share-save

The second method to save TikTok videos is clicking the 'Share' arrow on the right-hand side of your screen. If you’re not familiar with this, it looks like a big arrow pointing to the right – you should see it while the video is playing. Once you tap that, a menu will pop up. You’ll see a ‘Save video’ icon – clicking that will save the TikTok video to your phone’s photo gallery. Easy!

Why can’t I save TikTok videos?

Unfortunately, not all TikTok videos are downloadable. Some accounts have the ‘Save’ option disabled, so it’s a little trickier to get hold of the videos you want. If you want to know how to save TikTok videos that aren’t playing ball, you’ll need to leave the app to do so.

The harder way: Third-party programs

To save TikTok videos outside the app, you have to download them some other way. The first step is getting hold of the video’s URL. You can do this by hitting the ‘Share’ arrow, then click the ‘Copy Link’ button – if you don’t know what that looks like, it’s the little hyperlink icon you’d use to insert a URL in an email, document, and so on.

Once you’ve snagged the URL, you need to head to a third-party TikTok downloader on your phone’s browser. There are loads of them out there, but to keep things simple, we’ve chosen TTDownloader.com.

Once you’re on TTDownloader, you’ll see a bar where you can paste your desired TikTok video’s URL. Do that, and you’ll be presented with three options! They are:

  • Download a TikTok video with no watermark
  • Download a TikTok video with the watermark
  • Download audio only from a TikTok video

How to download a TikTok video without a watermark

If you want to know how to save a TikTok video without a watermark, TTDownloader will sort you out. The first option it provides is ‘No Watermark.’ This means there will be no TikTok overlay or username on the video when you download it on your phone.

You should only use this option if you’re planning to remix the content and make it your own. Remember not to pick this option to re-upload the video and use it as your own. This violates copyright law, and can result in bans and actions against your TikTok account!

If you want to do something other than save a TikTok video with no watermark, TTDownloader has two other options.

  • Watermark means the TikTok standard overlay will be present. If you plan to re-upload the content elsewhere, like Facebook or Twitter, this is the preferred format. While you should always seek permission before uploading other people’s content, this option at least gives them credit.
  • Audio Only means you’ll only download the sound from the video. This option’s handy if you want to use the sounds in the clip for your own video. However, if you download a song, you need to ensure you have the correct license to use it on platforms like TikTok. Otherwise, if you don’t, your content risks being muted!
How to save TikTok videos

How to save TikTok videos on your laptop

There’s only one easy way to save TikTok videos on your laptop: a third-party site like TTDownloader. You navigate the process in the same way as you’d do on your mobile phone, and the video will be saved on your laptop as an MP4 file.

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