What is SnapTik and how does it work?

SnapTik is a popular way to save TikTok videos with no watermarks. But is it OK to use & is it free? Read the full guide to SnapTik here!

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SnapTik is all the rage at the moment, but what’s the deal? Is SnapTik a legit way to save TikTok videos, is it free, and is it good?

What is SnapTik?

The SnapTik app and website are both part of an unofficial, third-party service that lets users download their favorite TikTok videos. On the surface, what’s so cutting edge about that? You can already download TikTok videos through the platform’s app, straight to your phone’s camera roll. 

Well, the difference with SnapTik is that you can save TikTok videos without the watermark. Yup, that’s right. The little wiggly TikTok logo, and the extra bit that pops up at the end? Gone.

There’s also no download limit, and the quality is often equal to – and sometimes even higher than! – the original TikTok video. Woof.

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Is SnapTik safe to use?

SnapTik sounds like a pretty good deal, right? But is it safe to use? After all, you’re ripping someone else’s content from the internet and getting rid of the watermark, i.e., the thing that proves it’s their content.

SnapTik claims that you’re all good to use their service without getting in trouble. However, there’s a catch: it’s for ‘personal, non-commercial, and free purposes’ only. You can save other people’s TikTok videos without a watermark for your own collection, but you can’t then re-upload them to the platform and claim they’re your own.

If you save a TikTok without the watermark on SnapTik, then repost it as your ‘own’ work, you’re going against TikTok’s Community Guidelines. If you get caught out doing this, you could have your content removed and sanctions placed on your account, including restrictions on TikTok monetization. It’s not worth the risk! 

However, some TikTokers create their own, original content on TikTok, then use SnapTik later. This means they download the video from TikTok via SnapTik, then upload, edit and share it on their other social channels without the watermark.

Filming content to upload to SnapTik app

As a rule of thumb: So long as it doesn’t contain any copyrighted material – music, video, etc – you can download your own content without a watermark, then re-upload it somewhere else. You can’t do this with other people’s content.

Does SnapTik cost money?

SnapTik is 100% free. It runs adverts and asks that its users don’t use ad-blockers, as advertising revenue helps keep SnapTik in business.

Can you use SnapTik for Instagram?

SnapTik only works for TikTok videos, as its main purpose is to remove the TikTok watermark. There are other third-party sites you can use to download Instagram content, and you’d be bound to similar rules regarding usage: anything you download from other users can’t be shared and is for your eyes only! 

How to remove watermarks with SnapTik

It’s super simple. Let’s run through how to use the SnapTik video downloader via desktop and mobile.

How do you save a SnapTik download on your computer?

  1. Open the SnapTik homepage.
  2. Open TikTok, then find the video you’d like to save. 
  3. Click on the URL in the ‘Copy link’ section, underneath the video’s description
  4. Paste the link into SnapTik and hit the ‘Download’ button

And that’s it! Your video’s ready, without a watermark. Just wait for the file to process, then click ‘Download’ again to save the file to your computer as an MP4.

Shooting TikTok content for SnapTik download

How do you save a SnapTik download on mobile?

Downloading with SnapTik on mobile is easier than your A-B-Cs. Just follow the same steps as you would on your desktop. Then, once you’ve downloaded the video file, click the download button on your device – it looks like a downward-facing arrow in a small box. Give that a click, then save the file to your photo gallery.

SnapTik also has an app, which is only available to Android users. If you’re on an Android device, you can snag the SnapTik app on the Google Play Store.

That’s SnapTik in a nutshell: it’s cool for personal use and tweaking of your content, but you shouldn’t use it if you plan to incorporate other people’s videos within your own. That’s what Remixes and Duets are for!

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