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Royalty-free. Worry-free.

All content published during a trial or active subscription will stay cleared forever.

There’s a plan for everyone

There’s a plan for everyone

Just getting started? Turning side gigs into main gigs? Got more advanced needs such as monetizing multiple channels, working with clients or soundtracking tv shows and ads? Either way, we’ve got the perfect plan.

Soundtrack everywhere

Soundtrack everywhere

Soundtracking with Epidemic Sound means you can publish content safely anywhere online, including the biggest platforms out there – as well as websites, games, apps, podcasts and more.

Better yet, the Commercial plan covers up to three channels per platform, meaning less back and forth when editing channels and more time to focus on telling your story.

If you’re producing content for others, it’s easy to safelist content published on their channels. This means they won’t receive copyright claims that affect their right to monetize their content.

Need to soundtrack broadcast productions, in-person live events or exploring the metaverse? Get customized deal terms with our Enterprise plan.

some do’s

How am I allowed to use the music?

It depends on which plan you’re on. With the Personal Plan, you can use our music in sponsored or branded content for your own channel(s), but you can't use our music in digital advertising, marketing, or promotion for a brand or company. You can with the Commercial Plan.

some don’ts

What isn't allowed?

Our music is intended to be used as background music for your video or podcast productions. You can use complete tracks and separate stems such as bass, instrumental, and vocals in your content, but you can’t use the music on a standalone basis, such as in audio samples, sound libraries, music beds, or via third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for the Commercial Plan?

The Commercial Plan is for freelancers and businesses soundtracking commercial productions, excluding cinema, TV shows or TV ads. If you need coverage for those types of content, or work for a major publisher (more than USD five million in annual turnover) or corporation (more than USD 50 million in annual turnover), please contact Enterprise sales to get a customized license.

I’m a freelancer. Which plan is right for me?

The Commercial Plan gives you full sublicensing rights. If you produce content for others to publish on their channels and they want to avoid copyright claims, you simply add the URLs of the published video and we'll clear them for you.

Can I use the Commercial Plan for ad campaigns?

Yes, as long as it’s an online campaign and you’re not a major publisher (more than USD five million in annual turnover) or corporation (more than USD 50 million in annual turnover), or government entity.