Which Epidemic Sound Plan is Right for You?

Not sure which Epidemic Sound subscription to go for or how Epidemic Sound works? Here’s an explanation of the plans and the difference between them.

Which Epidemic Sound Plan is Right for You?

Not sure which Epidemic Sound subscription to go for? Let’s unpack our different plans and figure out which one’s right for you.

How does Epidemic Sound license music?

Licensing music can be confusing. Epidemic Sound’s catalog is a no-brainer for so many storytellers and companies because we offer a direct license. Basically, we’re the sole owner of all the rights to the music in our catalog.

This means we handle synchronization rights, mechanical rights, public performance rights, additional fees and royalties. When you use Epidemic Sound, the only money you pay is the subscription fee. Once you’ve done that, you can use our music as much as you like in content on your added platform accounts – all without being hit with claims.

With an Epidemic Sound subscription, you can focus on creating. We’ll handle the rest. Now, let’s find you the perfect plan.

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan is designed for storytellers who are just getting started, as well as those who create occasionally. From side-hustlers looking to kick-start the next big thing to aspiring influencers and community builders sharing their passions, the Personal Plan takes the hassle out of soundtracking and creating great content.

Our Personal Plan gives you unlimited access to our entire catalog of 40,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects as MP3 and WAV files.

You can publish your soundtracked content anywhere online without worrying about copyright or royalties. You can upload your content to the biggest platforms out there, as well as websites, games, apps, podcasts and more. As long as you just stick to using one channel per platform, you’re good to go!

Recording content

Our tracks are also available as stems, giving you total control of everything from melody to instruments. Want the music to build a bit slower, starting with only the drums? Need that riff to come in just during the chorus? Tailoring unique soundtracks for unique stories has never been easier.

Yes, you can monetize content soundtracked by us, and no, we won’t take a cut. Even if you end your subscription, any content you published during that time will remain cleared forever.

Read more about the Personal Plan and check out the 30-day free trial below.

However, if you’re monetizing content on more than one channel per platform, promoting brands, or creating content for others, then the Personal Plan won’t be the way to go. However, our Commercial Plan should fit the bill!

Commercial Plan

Whether you're already monetizing multiple channels on the same platform or getting ready to dial things up by working with clients and businesses, the Commercial Plan has you covered through commercial use and additional channel coverage. The Commercial Plan is designed for side gigs turned main gigs, and storytellers with more advanced needs.

Shooting content

You receive the same benefits as you would with the Personal Plan, but the Commercial Plan allows you to register three channels per platform. That means less time clearing music usage across multiple channels and more time telling your story.

Telling someone else's story? Our Commercial Plan lets you clear content for clients and businesses, giving you full coverage for them anywhere online. Less worry and hassle for both yourself and your clients.

Read more about the Commercial Plan and check out the 30-day free trial below.

But maybe you’re thinking of something bigger. In that case, even the Commercial Plan might not cover your needs. But don’t worry – our Enterprise Solution has your back.

Enterprise Solution

If you’re a major publisher, megacorp, government entity, or customer with a need for custom licenses or terms, you should contact us about our Enterprise Solution.

The Enterprise Solution offers a tailor-made plan to suit your needs, covering everything the Commercial Plan does. It also enables you to publish content anywhere – we work with major television networks, streaming giants, cosmetics companies and more – with an unlimited amount of channels per platform.

Editing content

Beyond the extended license and customized deal terms, you’ll get a dedicated Success Manager to oversee your account and ensure everything’s up to date. They'll guide you through on-boarding, provide further training, and help with navigating the catalog to find the best music for your content.

Your Success Manager works together with our professional music curators, who know the catalog by heart and keep in close contact with our artists. Our curators are there to help you find the perfect track every time.

If you want to discuss things further, head to our Enterprise page and get in touch with our lovely Sales team. 

Single Track License

If you only need one track for a single production, dig into our Single Track Licenses. They range from non-commercial content to global ads and social media marketing.

Filming content

Purchasing a Single Track License is as simple as clicking the shopping cart icon next to your desired track, logging in or signing up for a free Epidemic Sound account, then completing the purchase. If that’s what you’re looking for, read more about our Single Track Licenses here. 

Once you’re signed up to Epidemic Sound, you’ll also have access to our bespoke EAR tool: it helps you discover similar tracks, based on your favorite sections of specific songs. You’ll also get to use our wonderful app for Android and iOS. Oh, and you can search for music on Epidemic Sound based on mood, genre, vocals, length, tempo and more. Basically, you’ll have everything you need. 

Want to start soundtracking your content with royalty-free music and sound effects? Check out Epidemic Sound’s plans below, snag a 30-day free trial and start soundtracking the future today.

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