Which Epidemic Sound Plan is Right for You?

Not sure which Epidemic Sound subscription to go for or how Epidemic Sound works? Here’s an explanation of the plans and the difference between them.

Which Epidemic Sound Plan is Right for You?

Not sure which Epidemic Sound subscription to go for? Here’s an explanation of the difference between the plans, so you can be confident you’re making the right choice.

Before getting to the subscriptions, let’s get some (very important) formalities out of the way.

Epidemic Sound is the sole owner of all financial rights to its entire music catalog, including public performance rights. That’s how we can offer a subscription that gets you a direct license to use our music as much as you want in content that you publish on your added platform accounts, without being hit with claims.

So, can royalty-free music be used commercially? Yes! As a Commercial Plan subscriber, you can also clear videos published by others for whom you have produced content. But more about that later.

With an Epidemic Sound license, regardless of plan, you can focus on creating. We’ll handle the boring stuff.

Personal Plan

If you’re creating content that you want to publish on your own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and podcast without risking copyright strikes, the Personal Plan is all you need.

The Personal Plan gets you unlimited access to our entire catalog of 35 000 tracks and 90 000 sound effects, including personal music recommendations for your YouTube channel. The very same catalog used by creators like Peter McKinnon and Sorelle Amore. Because we own all rights to every track in our catalog, including public performance rights, you can use the music without worrying about copyright claims, blocks, or takedowns.

Commercial Plan

Are you a freelancer or a smaller business that needs royalty-free music for commercial use? Are you creating content that you want to be able to publish on any online platform? The Commercial Plan is the one for you.

In addition to clearing your own channels, accounts and website – the Commercial Plan also lets you clear content published by others for whom you create content. By using the ‘Clear videos’ feature, located under ‘Me’ → ‘Account’ – you can clear videos published on any online platform.

Before clearing any videos however, you'll have to find the actual music. Our search, filters and recommendations are as easy to use as they are efficient in finding the perfect track. Sort by mood, genre, vocals, length and tempo, or check out our recommendations and curated albums to quickly find the perfect soundtrack for your content.


If you’re a larger company, publisher, or broadcaster in need of multiple user accounts, a flexible contractual setup, coverage for VOD and broadcast, and safelisting (clearing) of several channels – Enterprise is the best choice for you. Enterprise is a tailor-made solution to meet all of your music needs.

Beyond an extended license and customized deal terms, you’ll get a dedicated Success Manager to oversee your account and ensure everything’s up to date. They will guide you through on-boarding, provide further training, and help with navigating the catalog to find the best music for your content.

The Success Manager works together with our professional music curators, who know the catalog by heart and keep in close contact with our artists. The curators are there to help you find the perfect track for the emotion you want to convey with your production.

Single track license

If none of the above match your needs, and you only need one track; check out our single track licenses. They range from ‘Standard’, covering indie apps and games, editorial and corporate productions – to ‘Custom’, including TV, radio, Multimedia, feature films and more.

Want to start soundtracking your content with royalty-free music and sound effects? Click here to check out all Epidemic Sound's subscriptions.

Explore 35,000 tracks
and 90,000 sound effects.
→ Find your next soundtrack

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