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What Music is Trending in November?

What Music is Trending in November?

Working on a cool project and looking for the latest, hottest tunes to go with it? Our very own music experts, aka the Epidemic Sound Music Curation team, continuously keep track of the latest music trends and monitor the music industry news. Here's what's up in November.

Top Newly Curated Albums

These empowering tracks are perfect when soundtracking moments of success. Driving beats, hopeful melodies, and epic build-ups are mixed together, creating a feeling of true triumph!

This music collection is perfect for setting a unique sound for your short intro snippets, epic trailers, or unforgettable outros. Dive into a mix of catchy hooks, building suspense, and addictive feel-good beats to take your content to the next level.

Top 3 Artist Releases

King Sis
After touring the world as a background vocalist, working with prominent artists like Kelela, King Sis took the leap to release her own music as a solo artist. Following the first smashing releases, she’s back again with a new radiant single called 'Hiatus.’ With its on-point vocal chops and chord progressions, she continues to prove herself to be the queen of smooth and sensual synth-driven alt R&B.

Jontha Links
Jontha Links' newest single 'Socialite' is a sunny banger much needed after a strange summer. The genre-bending twosome's latest venture is a sonic daydream of funky guitar chords and lush, spacey vocals, with a disco-house-inspired chorus proclaiming the song's unabashed mantra: "Who cares what the people think?"

Loving Caliber
'Dive Into You' is the fourth single from Loving Caliber's upcoming album 'Kill The Lights,' dropping in January 2021. The track demonstrates their new mature sound, with a captivating back and forth duet about one night turning into something more.

We hope these new jams sparked some inspiration in your creative process, or perhaps one of them was the last puzzle piece to perfect your next video?

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What Music is Trending in November?
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