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Afrobeats: a Vibrant Sound to be Reckoned With

Afrobeats: a Vibrant Sound to be Reckoned With

Afrobeats vs. Afrobeat? What’s the difference? In fact, quite a bit. Read on to learn how and to get some exciting Afrobeats highlights, brought to you by Epidemic Sound’s Music Curation Team.

The difference between Afrobeat and Afrobeats

Afrobeat is a genre that was born in the ’70s and is made up of a mixture of Nigerian music, Ghanaian music, jazz, funk, highlife, and different vocal styles. Afrobeats, as opposed to Afrobeat, is not a clearly defined genre but an overarching term used for contemporary African music. And may we add, this sound is a new level of high-energy.

You might have noticed that Afrobeats is one of fall 2020’s trends, with artists like Beyonce, Drake, and Burna Boy releasing one Afrobeats scented song after the other. And what’s not to like? If you’re looking to add some serious energy to your project, this is the style to go for.

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In this Vogue coverage of Nigerian Afrofusion star Burna Boy, we get to accompany the artist as he prepares for the release of his most recent album ‘Twice As Tall.’ As described by the artist himself, Afrofusion combines elements of Afropop, Afrobeats, Dancehall, R&B, and Hip Hop.

From Lagos to London, to New York, Burna Boy has made his mark on the world with hits such as Ye, On The Low, and Anybody. Burna Boy has also worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Jorja Smith, YG, Future, Naughty By Nature, Dave, Sam Smith, and Chris Martin. In other words, some pretty heavy names in the industry.

Afrobeats by Epidemic Sound

Looking for some further inspiration on the topic? Check out this video featuring the instrumental of the track ‘Bestie,’ by Epidemic Sound artist Pabi Sonko.

Curious to hear the whole track in its original form? Listen to ‘Bestie’ on Spotify.

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Afrobeats: a Vibrant Sound to be Reckoned With
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