What is Meta Verified? All you need to know about Meta's verified badge

Meta Verified rocked up in February 2023. What is it, who's qualified to get it, and what does it cost? Read all about Meta's verification badge and how it affects your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Using Meta Verified

You’ve probably heard of Meta Verified by now. But what is it, how much does it cost, and who’s it even for? Let’s dig into all of that today.

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What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a paid-for subscription that gives your Meta accounts an official ‘verified’ badge. It’s been introduced to help creators grow their presence and build community. It also combats fake accounts, making it easier for fans to find the ‘real’ you when searching.

Some people have compared it to 2022’s rollout of Twitter Blue. While there are similarities, Meta Verified appears to be more robust. For example, you have to provide a government ID to get on the Meta Verified train – no such safeguard is in place for Twitter’s program.

But, at its core, it is a similar idea to Twitter Blue. You sign up for a service, and it gives you the ‘verified’ benefits and look previously only available to official channels, news reporters, and people of interest.

It’s worth noting that, similar to newer features and apps like Instagram Threads, Meta Verified is only available in selected territories at the moment. This is because it’s still in its initial testing phase. It’s expected to roll out more widely soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Using Meta Verified

Is Meta Verified for Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, Meta Verified works for your Facebook and Instagram channels. The idea is to create a united front for your identity as a creator, and in an ideal world, both your Facebook and Instagram channels would be signed up for Meta Verified. However, you’ll have to subscribe separately for each platform – more on that later, though. 

What does Meta Verified do?

It’s all well and good waxing lyrical about the service, but how does Meta Verified work? What does it actually do, and what are the perks?

The benefits of being verified on Facebook and Instagram

  • It gives you a ‘verified’ badge. It lets people know that you’re really you, with the added security of being double-checked with your government ID.
  • More protection from impersonation. Pesky duplicate accounts have always been a problem on social media, but Meta Verified users will receive proactive, manual protection from Meta to try and put a stop to it. Your details will also be locked behind two-factor authentication. 
  • Dedicated, directed account support. From a real human being! 
  • Extra visibility. Your channel will get a nice little boost in the search, comments and recommendations sections.
  • Exclusive features, including Meta Verified-only Stickers for Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels, plus 100 Facebook Stars per month to support your favorite creators.
Using Meta Verified

Can anyone get verified on Facebook and Instagram with Meta Verified?

Most people can get Meta Verified for Instagram and Facebook, but there are a few requirements. Those include:

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Having prior posting history on your channel, so Meta can see that you’re not a bot
  • Submitting a valid government ID with details that match your Meta channels’
  • Following Facebook’s Community Standards and Terms of Use

Upon launch, businesses couldn't get Meta Verified – the service was only available to individual content creators. However, a plan for businesses rolled out in October 2023, with availability depending on territory.

How do you get Meta Verified?

Getting Meta Verified is super easy. You can sign up through Instagram or Facebook – whichever’s easiest for you. Here’s how:

Get Meta Verified through Facebook

  1. Log in to your main profile through Facebook’s app, then head to your profile page.
  2. Click the ‘...’ icon on the right-hand side of the page, then click ‘Subscribe to Meta Verified’. Fill out all the payment details – we’ll get to that in a second – and you’re good!
Using Meta Verified on a Mac

Get Meta Verified through Instagram

  1. Log in to your main profile through Instagram’s app, then head to your profile page.
  2. Click the ‘Subscribe to Meta Verified’ button, then fill in your payment details.

Is Facebook charging for Meta Verified?

Is Facebook starting to charge regular users? It’s a question that’s worried people for years, and with the introduction of Meta Verified, the concern is valid. However, much like Twitter Blue or YouTube Premium, Meta Verified is an optional extra. There’s no need for Instagram or Facebook to charge users for regular accounts just yet.

How much does Meta Verified cost?

Meta Verified comes at a cost, although it’s probably cheaper than you think. It’ll cost you $11.99 USD per month for the web version, or $14.99 per month for the Android and iOS-based subscription. It’s worth noting that these prices are per platform. So, if you wanted a web subscription for Facebook and a mobile one for Instagram, you’d spend $26.98 every month.

Is Meta Verified worth it?

If you're a small- to medium-sized creator, Meta Verified is worth looking into. It's so easy for people to just create a fake profile nowadays – having a watertight 'verified' badge means you'll be considered safe by potential followers. For established organizations and creators, though, Meta Verified doesn't yet offer enough to seal the deal.

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Signing up for Meta Verified

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