What is Instagram Live Producer and how does it work?

Interested in Instagram Live Producer? Learn how it works and why you should use it.

Using Instagram Live Producer

Instagram Live Producer helps take your live streams to the next level. Learn what it is, how it works, and more. 

Today, we’ll cover: 

What is Instagram Live Producer?

Instagram Live Producer is a desktop-based feature that lets you use Instagram Live with a stream key. This means that, instead of streaming directly from your mobile device, you can use a third-party streaming software, like Streamlabs or OBS, to host your stream. This broadens customization options for your camera, microphone, graphics, effects, and more.

Using Instagram Live Producer

What are the Instagram Live Producer requirements?

Can anyone access Instagram Live Producer? Nope — it’s not available for personal accounts. But as long as you have a business or creator Instagram account, you’re all set. 

That aside, Instagram Live Producer does have a few tech recommendations. They are as follows: 

  • 9x16 aspect ratio: This is the standard aspect ratio for vertical videos, typically used on platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. It’s recommended, but if you’d like to shoot footage in another format, you’ll be able to do so.
  • 720p (or 1280x720) resolution at 30FPS: 720p/1280x720 resolution is HD video quality, while a frame rate of 30FPS offers a smoother, more ‘live’ feel. You can crank it up to 60FPS, but this may make your content look a little unnatural.
  • Video bitrate between 2,250 and 6,000 kbps: This dictates how well the video comes out at the other end — a lower bitrate results in a poorer stream for viewers. If your desktop can deal with it, feel free to stream at a higher bitrate.
  • Audio sample rate of 44.1 kHz: This is the minimum sample rate for lossless audio, and is often found on CDs. A higher sample rate reduces compression and leaves your audio sounding as you intended. 
  • Stereo channel layout: Nobody uses mono anymore — even The Beatles switched to stereo. A stereo channel layout will lend your stream a fuller, richer sound. It lets certain elements sit on their own in the mix, rather than bunching everything together. 
  • Audio bitrate up to 256 kbps: This is a little lossy, but generally accepted as a good audio bitrate. 256 kbps is the default setting on most streaming software, so chances are the streams you’ve been broadcasting or watching on platforms like Twitch, Kick, and more are beaming out audio at 256 kbps. 
Using Instagram Live Producer

How to get Instagram Live Producer

Do you need to download, install, or pay for Instagram Live Producer? Absolutely not. As long as you meet the requirements, you’ll be able to access Instagram Live Producer when you’re logged in via Insta’s desktop site. 

Instagram Live Producer not showing?

If Instagram Live Producer isn't showing up or working properly, don’t sweat it. First, close it and reopen it. If that doesn’t work, double-check that you’re not logged in with a personal account — you can only access Instagram Live Producer with a professional Instagram account.

If neither of those fixes work, get in touch with the folks at Instagram. More often than not, it’s a common bug or glitch — they’ll get you up and running again in no time. 

Streaming with Instagram Live Producer

How to use Instagram Live Producer 

Now that we’ve learned what Instagram Live Producer is, who it’s for, and how to get it, let’s look at how to use it: 

  1. Open your desired streaming software, and make sure you’re logged in. Once you’re there, find the place where you’d input a URL and stream key — it’s usually nestled in the ‘Custom RTMP’ (Real Time Messaging Protocol) section in your stream settings. 
  2. Head to Instagram’s desktop site, and double-check that you’re logged in there, too. Click the ‘Add post’ button — it looks like a little square with a ‘+’ inside — and choose ‘Live’ when prompted at the dropdown menu. 
  3. Now that you’re in the ‘Go Live’ section, name your stream, select filters, and more — if you’d like a full breakdown, read our guide to Instagram Live. If you’d like to try out your settings before going live for real, toggle the ‘Everyone’ option at the top to ‘Practice.’ 
  4. After you confirm these settings, you’ll find the URL and stream key. Copy them from Instagram and paste them into your chosen streaming software. 
  5. Once you’re happy with all of the settings, go live on your streaming software. If you hop back to Instagram Live Producer, the video preview should mirror what’s showing in your streaming software. 
  6. Click ‘Go live’ in Instagram Live Producer. This starts the stream and opens the comments section. 
  7. Keep an eye on the comments section. You can read, reply to, report, and pin comments here.
  8. Hit ‘End live video’ in Instagram Live Producer when you’d like your stream to end. If you first end the broadcast through your streaming software, it won’t properly end — so remember to end it in Live Producer first! 
Using Instagram Live Producer

How do you save videos with Instagram Live Producer?

Once your stream ends, it hangs out in your Instagram Live Archive for up to 30 days. If you’d like to access it, head to your profile and click the hamburger menu in the top-right corner. Click ‘Archive,’ then switch from ‘Stories Archive’ to ‘Live Archive.’ Here, you can view, download, and share your previous Instagram Live videos. 

Can you stream pre-recorded video with Instagram Live Producer?

Most streaming software and apps let you mirror and broadcast on-screen action — these are great for news-based streams, live reaction videos, and the like. As long as you have the permission or license to stream it, you’ll be able to use it via Instagram Live Producer. If you don’t have permission, your stream could be muted or even ended.

Using Instagram Live Producer

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