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The Rise of Genreless Music

The Rise of Genreless Music

In the ’60s and all through the ‘90s, albums were deemed high-priced property. Today, playlists are the new album, and the way people consume music has drastically changed. This blog post will talk about ‘genreless music’ and highlight some great examples of it.

The days of obsessing over one single genre or just a couple of bands are gone. The evolution of tech and culture have slowly morphed music into a genreless landscape by reconstructing the process in which artists make records and collaborate, and the genre rules we’re willing to bend as both music creators and listeners.

With the popularity of streaming platforms growing, the amount of music available is huge. The borders between different genres become more and more fluid, and people no longer tend to highlight one genre to define their musical preferences. As a reaction to this trend, curated playlists that are genre-less have become increasingly popular on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Aside from ‘genres’ and ‘moods’ in the world of music curation at Epidemic Sound, we have long recognized a need to curate for culture. This includes identifying key historical moments through music such as Black History and Black Music Month, International Women’s Day, and even honoring our planet with a curated playlist for Earth Day. In the name of curating for culture, we aren’t afraid to mix and match to create cutting-edge playlists that defy genre.

"Curating for culture can help you discover genre-bending ‘hidden gems’ that you might otherwise have missed but may be your next favorite track!’’

Siri W, Music Curation, Epidemic Sound

Below you can check out some of our genreless playlists as well as those curated for cultural moments.

Genre Fluid
Better Days Ahead
Take Action!

Cyberpunk album
Hidden Gems 2020

Earth Day
Black History Month
International Women’s Day

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The Rise of Genreless Music
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