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Ambient Music for Healing

Ambient Music for Healing

Did you know ambient music can ease anxiety and even physical pain? Ambient music is not only good for concentrating; it’s also healing. This blog post will touch on ambient music’s background, health benefits and showcase our most popular ambient music.

Ambient music has been around ever since Brian Eno, who often gets credit for being the “inventor” of ambient music, released ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’ in 1978. However, this type of music does have its roots as far back as Erik Satie and his minimalist style of composing in the early 1900s. ‘Furniture music,’ as Satie called it, was designed to be used as background music for dinner events and other happenings.

Nowadays, we know ambient music has been linked to mental health benefits and has shown itself particularly useful when treating serious neurological and psychological conditions. According to research, ambient music can actually ease chronic anxiety, ICU-related trauma, and even physical pain. It’s pretty cool what immense impact music has on us humans, don’t you think? If you want to have a listen and see for yourself, check out our most popular ambient music right now below.

Best performing ambient tracks from Epidemic Sound

  1. Ganja – Ooyy
  2. Into The Blue – Luwaks
  3. Astral Roar – Lama House
  4. Cotton Dreams – Elm Lake
  5. Meditation Aquatic – 369

If you’re curious to learn more about ambient music’s potential impact on your mental health, check out the reassuring and beautiful video below.

A short film about anxiety and ambient music

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Ambient Music for Healing
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