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Epidemic Sound Tracks to Soundtrack Your Podcast

Epidemic Sound Tracks to Soundtrack Your Podcast

For audio nerds like us here at Epidemic Sound, it comes as no surprise that audio was the number one mobile activity in 2020 – outperforming both social media, video, and gaming. A huge part of this is thanks to podcasts. And today, we’ll highlight the best sound effects and music for podcasts.

Podcasts are at the center of audio’s revival, and today, over 100 million Americans are listening to podcasts for over 40 minutes a day. If you put two and two together, you’ll soon realize that producing a successful podcast can be a really smart move both strategically and financially.

Choosing music for your podcast

So, what’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a soundtrack for your podcast? As a podcast typically contains a lot of voiceovers, soundbeds, and tracks that aren’t of the louder kind or take up a lot of focus are your best bet. You’d want to look for tracks that accompany the story, add an extra dimension, and heighten the listening experience.

Suggestions of royalty-free podcast music

Here are some neutral tracks in different genres that work great with podcasts and voice-overs. Check them out!

Podcast Soundbeds
Interview Soundbeds

Music for podcast intros and outros

For intros or outros, the tracks can take a more prominent place. Browse through our catalog to find the best one for your project. Below are some podcast hooks in full-length instrumental versions that will add that extra touch to your production. They range from low to high energy and are diverse in genre and mood. They will make perfect podcast intros and outros.  

Podcast Hooks
Podcast Promos

Shorter tracks for podcasts

If you prefer to use shorter tracks in your podcasts, we have those too. You’ll find them under sound effects when you search for ‘stings.’


Sound effects for podcasts

Finally, grabbing your listeners’ attention is crucial when it comes to hosting a successful podcast. A great way to do this is by using savvy sound design. Background music, intros, and outros are essential but don’t underestimate the power of sound effects. If your podcast is of the fictional or storytelling kind or has clear sections, choosing the right sound effects for the right moments can truly be the cherry on top.

SFX Weather
SFX Transitions
SFX Outdoor Public Spaces Vol. 2

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Epidemic Sound Tracks to Soundtrack Your Podcast
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