In honor of black talent throughout history, Epidemic Sound is celebrating Black History Month throughout February. And we thought, what better way to kick-off this event than by highlighting some exceptional black music, in a specially curated album.

Black History Month is an annual celebration and remembrance of black excellence throughout history. The observance originates in the US, where it’s also known as African-American History Month, and has been celebrated since 1976.

Ever since, people worldwide, and especially in the US, have used the month of February to take a critical look at how African Americans have influenced history, politics, culture, and in particular: music.  

The 2021 theme for the month is 'Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity,’ and to celebrate these values, we’ve curated an album showcasing some of our amazing black music creators.

If you want to soundtrack your content with the remarkable black sounds that influenced the world – Soul music, Funk music, Disco music, RnB music, and Hip Hop music – check out the album below.

Black History Month Music

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