Instagram trends 2023: What’s going to get massive?

What are the Instagram trends for 2023? Let’s look at what the year has in store for the platform.

Instagram trends 2023: What’s going to get massive?

Last year was an eventful twelve months for Instagram, but how’s 2023 shaping up? Let’s take a look under the hood and see which Instagram trends are set to pop off, what the platform thinks will be the focus for the foreseeable future, and other pockets of knowledge.

Check out this video from Epidemic Sound ambassador, Laura Reid, below, then keep reading for all the juicy details!

There are tons of topics to talk about when it comes to Instagram trends in 2023, but why not start with the source? The good folks at Instagram have partnered with WGSN to highlight the latest content trends for Gen Z in 2023, neatly packaged in Insta’s annual Trend Report. Let's check it out.

Thrifting and second-hand

Over half of Gen Z-ers plan to DIY their outfits this year, rather than feed the fast fashion machine. More than 25% of the demographic aim to get thrifty with it when they can’t afford a certain item of clothing, going second-hand instead of buying off-the-rack. This will provide ample opportunities for budgeting hacks, DIY fashion inspo, and more.

Instagram trends on mobile

Trends on Instagram come and go, but one thing that’s here for good is advocacy. More people will use their money and platforms to support causes and communities they care about. These kinds of positive, inclusive trends are how things should be heading, and serve as a warning to brands operating on Instagram: get with the times or get left behind.

Health and environmentally conscious makeup

Makeup hacks are popular across all platforms, and they’ll come into sharper focus in 2023. Gen Z users will apply makeup to express themselves in favor of filters or effects. Meanwhile, two in three of them will buy skincare products that shield them from extreme weather and the sun. Issues like rising temperatures and climate change are worth considering when pumping out content for Gen Z – it’s an issue close to their hearts. As it should be!

Side hustles and monetization

One of 2023’s biggest Instagram trends is undoubtedly going to involve dollars. Almost two thirds of Gen Z users plan to use Instagram to make money this year, and they’re not stopping there.

They’re going to get smart – over 85% of Gen Z users want to learn a new skill in 2023, while one in four teens are actively looking to boost their financial know-how. So, if you’ve been waiting to monetize that project or nail that skill, you’d best hurry before someone else does it first!

Instagram trends

Food-based content

You’ll see food hacks across pretty much every social media platform, and they’ll continue trending on Instagram in 2023. Why? Well, people love customs and cuisine from other cultures. It’s exciting! In fact, 68% of Gen Z users fancy a bite of food from another culture after seeing it online. Stock up on those snacks from abroad and hop on the trend.

Community and creator events

The last few years haven’t been ‘regular’, and creators are buzzing to meet in real life. Nearly one third of Gen Z users can’t wait to hang out with online friends and influencers at events like conventions and meet-and-greets.

Rave, K-pop and Latin music

Leading on from the previous point, more Gen Z-ers want to head out to a rave in 2023 – 68% of them, in fact. These kinds of livewire, colorful events are the perfect way to let off steam and capture some great content along the way. On the opposite end of the spectrum, genres like K-pop and Latin music will help drive culture on the platform, with more than half of Gen Z users planning to listen to non-English language tracks in 2023. 

Instagram trends

The metaverse

Insta’s parent company, Meta, has pumped a lot of money into the metaverse. As a result, it’s not surprising that the metaverse has been touted as a 2023 trend for Instagram: more than half of Gen Z social media users aim to get fashion tips and inspo from avatars or digital influencers.

However, it’s a bumpy road. More than two thirds (67%) of Gen Z-ers feel avatars could do better to reflect the diversity of the real world, namely clothes, body size, and skin tones. Something to keep in mind if you’re planning to dip your toe into the metaverse.

Dating on Instagram

Sliding into DMs isn’t going anywhere in 2023. In fact, Gen Z users plan to use platforms like Instagram to spark up relationships rather than traditional dating apps. Could you be the next love guru?

Now that we've covered the content-specific areas outlined by Instagram, it’s time to focus on some wider platform trends we’re expecting to see in 2023.

Looking up Instagram trends

Instagram Reels

When discussing Instagram trends, Reels are almost always on the agenda. Following the success of TikTok and the recent developments on YouTube Shorts, there’ll likely be a focus on Reels in the Instagram algorithm.

User-generated content

As more brands flock to Instagram, it only makes sense for user-generated content to become a trend in its own right in 2023. User-generated content being: content made by fans or followers of an account, usually a brand, and using a dedicated hashtag to add it to the mix.

Given that Insta users want ‘real’ content now more than ever, we might see more influencers being paid to create sponsored content that looks user-generated. Throw in a trending song, get the content out there quickly, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Branded memes

Sure, users want authenticity. They can’t truly get that from brands, but if massive corporations hop onto trending memes and give people a good laugh, they’ll be able to position themselves as relatable. At the end of the day, it’s great banter, and can really help a brand’s equity when they nail the tone.

New technologies

Your face is just the beginning of your digital identity in 2023. What about avatars, NFTs? New technologies will start popping up on Instagram for wider use, and creators who jump on those trends and adopt them might just reap the benefits.

Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping was something of a lifeline during the pandemic, and it’s a phenomenon that'll keep growing. In fact, some experts believe live shopping will account for 20% of all ecommerce by 2026!

Boosted content

There’s so much competition on Instagram in 2023, making it hard to get your voice heard. That’s why brands and individuals alike might start using boosted content more regularly, ramping up engagement, conversions, and likes.

So, those are the latest Instagram trends predicted to go off in 2023. Which will come true, and which will fall flat? You’ll have to check back at the end of the year!

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