4 TikTok food hacks to try today

TikTok food hacks are great. They can be useful, insightful, or sometimes just silly – users eat them up. If you’re looking for a little inspiration when trying TikTok food hacks for your own content, here are four of the best.

Trying new TikTok hacks

TikTok food hacks are great. They can be useful, insightful, or sometimes just silly – users eat them up. If you’re looking for a little inspiration when trying TikTok food hacks for your own content, here are 4 of the best.

TikTok food hacks with eggs

Not everyone’s a Gordon Ramsay. Some people are a little more chilled out – look at Pepper Belly Pete. The guy’s racked up millions of followers by sharing his secrets for delicious, greasy treat food so good you can’t even believe. Yes, we’ve tried it.

He doesn’t talk down to viewers or use complicated language. It’s simple, step-by-step stuff that’ll make you drool over your phone. Trying TikTok food hacks in your own style is a solid method for attracting followers, with someone like Pepper Belly Pete standing out from the crowd. Eggs are a popular ingredient in TikTok food hacks because they’re easy to come by and often used for binding, so if you’re getting yolky, you need to bring something else to the table.

Pepper Belly Pete’s delivery, the way he films his content, the cheeky joke about his ‘airless fryer’ – it helps deliver his personality and ‘brand’ beyond just the hack. Look at that sauce holster! You know he means business.

@pepperbellypete Its not easy being cheesy. #tiktokcooks #foodtiktok #cheese #foodhacks #fyp #foryou #foodlover #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Pepper Belly Pete

TikTok food hacks with avocado

The most controversial fruit of them all remains a staple on TikTok, so it’s always ripe for a good old food hack. The thing is, most of them have already been covered: you know how to properly slice it, store the leftovers and things like that. So, what else can you do with an avocado?

My Nguyen has the answer. She froze it. Why didn’t we think of that? It seems so obvious, and that's something to bear in mind when testing TikTok food hacks. It’s not a new concept. My’s taken something we do with everyday vegetables like peas and just, well, used an avocado instead.

@myhealthydish Here’s my food hack! Save your avocados before the go bad by freezing them #avocados #foodhack #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner ♬ HOT & SPICY SALSA - Jaycee Mante

TikTok food hacks for folded tortillas

If you thought avocados were controversial, get a load of tortillas. Do you fold them? Grill them? Throw them in the microwave? Whatever your TikTok food hacks for tortillas might be, they’ll likely ruffle some feathers – it’s one of those buzzy topics everyone seems to have an opinion on.

Campin’ Erin’s solution is a folded tortilla wrap hack. It’s easy to follow, contains just a few ingredients, and can be done pretty much anywhere with a griddle or frying pan.

Notice how she uses the environment to her advantage. Factors like natural sunlight and birdsong make this video pop when viewed in a feed full of kitchen-based TikTok food hacks.

@campinerin I'll definitely try this again. With some other toppings! #campcook #campcooking #campingfood #campingcooking #blackstone #blackstonecooking #tortilla #tortillafold #tortillafoldinghack #tacos #food #foodtiktok #foodtok #foodlover #foodie #rvlife #rvers #rving #rvlife #rvliving #rvlifestyle #camp #camping #camper #campersoftiktok #glamper #glamping #campsite #campground #camperlife #campingrecipes #campingmeals #camprecipes #campmeals ♬ Brujeria - ✿

Food hacks for people living in the future

The world just isn’t enough for some people. HellthyJunkFood is lightyears ahead, eating from a cup and squeezing his burger into the fries packet.

OK, so this isn’t a 'real' hack. It’s unnecessary, deceptively complicated, and not something people will adopt in their daily lives. But it’s funny. If you can think of something that doesn’t act as a food hack, but follows the same format and gently makes fun of it, then you’re onto a good thing. Sometimes, people browse TikTok food hacks for fun, rather than for anything profound or valuable.

@hellthyjunkfood A TRUE #foodhack on how to easily EAT @mcdonalds ON THE GO, that you’ve probably never done before! #foodhacks #lifehack #fyp ♬ original sound - HellthyJunkFood

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