4 TikTok makeup hacks to try today

Need help finding TikTok makeup hacks, or perhaps want to create your own? Check out these 4 TikTok makeup hacks for a little inspiration.

Trying new TikTok makeup trends

TikTok makeup hacks are great. They can be useful, thoughtful, or just downright silly – users love them, whether serious or not. If you’re looking for a little inspiration when trying TikTok makeup hacks for your own content, here are 4 of the best.

How do you get flawless foundation on TikTok?

Foundation is the… well, foundation of makeup. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of TikTok foundation hacks, you can always search for the #foundationhack hashtag.

TikTok foundation hacks

Given how commonplace foundation is, most people assume they know how to apply it. You just use a sponge, right? Then Youngcouture burst the bubble: use your fingers. Apply it like a moisturizer. That’s it.

This isn’t a particularly new technique, given that people from previous generations will have grown up doing this before makeup sponges became popular. But just like music and fashion, makeup is cyclical. People will discover old tricks that haven’t been used for ages – if you can dig something out that’s been left behind, perhaps you can figure out the next new (old) TikTok foundation hack.

@youngcouture I used to think this was so 🤢 but NOW it’s changed my foundation game! #foundationhack #makeup #beauty ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

TikTok eyeshadow hacks

Another super popular TikTok makeup hack is anything to do with eyeshadow. Hashtags like #eyeshadowhacks and #eyeshadowtutorial have racked up millions of views, and you can get in on the action.

Some of the most popular TikTok makeup and beauty hacks solve simple, everyday problems. Like the foundation hack, they don’t have to be life-changing or even new – they simply have to provide a perspective people might not have seen before. Nicol Concilio keeps it brief, letting viewers know how to blend the edges of their eyeshadow that might look slightly harsh or uneven otherwise.

Telling viewers what you’re doing, coupled with showing, is a solid method to create a good TikTok makeup hack. Anything you can do to make your tips more relatable, understandable and accessible will increase your chances of snapping up views and followers.

@nicolconcilio The best eyeshadow hack ever #eyeshadowhacks #eyeshadowtutorial #beautyhack #beautyhacks #makeuphack #eyeshadow #makeup ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

How do you apply lipstick on TikTok?

Lipstick hacks on TikTok are big hitters, too. The #lipsticktutorial hashtag has amassed more than one billion views, meaning it’s a ripe area to explore your own TikTok makeup hacks.

TikTok lipstick hacks

A great example is Ekata Tandukar’s liquid lipstick video. She’s showing you what not to do – these are liquid lipstick mistakes to avoid. Videos like this are helpful because they show you what you might be doing wrong, why you should change your technique, then teach you how to nail your lipstick look. The internet is awash with listicles – this is one of them! – which lends some familiarity to this ‘5 things to avoid’ format.

@ekatatandukar Liquid lipstick mistakes to avoid! #liquidlipstick #colourpopcosmetics #colourpop #makeuphacks #lipsticktutorial #makeuptoktok ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

How do you get a glow look on TikTok?

Whether you’re going on holiday, the weather’s nice, or you just want to try a different look, getting your glow on can make a difference. Content creators offering tips to achieve a summer glow will always find an audience. After all, it’s always summer somewhere!

TikTok glow hacks

Your glowing skin will feel amazing if people tell you it’s amazing. Scortezz Beauty waxes lyrical with this TikTok makeup hack, giving clear instructions while demonstrating how he gets his sun-kissed glow. A little compliment goes a long way – by constantly reminding viewers of the end result (amazing! gorgeous!), they’ll be hard-pressed to ignore it.

@scortezzbeauty Want the best summer glow? #promua #makeup #mua ♬ original sound - Scortezz Beauty

Don’t forget to use the #makeuphack or #makeuphacks hashtags when posting or searching for content. If you’re looking for some inspiration in the meantime, try following Epidemic Sound on TikTok. We might not have all the TikTok makeup hacks you’re after, but we do have content creation hacks, giveaways, great tunes and more.

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