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Find the best music for your iMovie project with Epidemic Sound. Our catalog has over 50,000 high-quality tracks, get started now and soundtrack your content.

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How do I get royalty-free music on iMovie?

Royalty-free music can be a lifesaver if you’re planning on publishing your iMovie videos online. It can, in fact, make a difference between being able to monetize your videos or not.

Finding royalty-free music online it’s a pretty easy task since there are a lot of providers. Epidemic Sound is the most-popular royalty-free music provider on the market because of several reasons, such as the high quality and the diversity of the catalog.

The catalog consists of over 50,000 tracks and 200,000 sound effects that can be published on all major platforms without needing to worry about copyright-related issues.

If you want to learn more, check out Epidemic Sound and try out our music.

Is there free music on iMovie?

Yes, iMovie comes with a small selection of music and sound effects that you can try out in your creations.

You’ll be able to find their selection by pressing Add Media > Audio > Soundtracks.

Where can I get music for iMovie?

Technically all music can be used on iMovie so you’ll just need to have an audio file on your device and import the latter in order to use it.

However, if you’re intention is to publish the video after you edit it, you’ll need to use music that you’re licensed to use on the specific platform that you want to use to publish your video. Here’s a list of copyright rules for the main platforms:

Can I use Spotify songs in iMovie?

There is no integration between iMovie and Spotify as of today. This means that there’s no easy way of adding Spotify music to your iMovie project.

Obviously, there are ways to download music from Spotify and then convert it and add it to iMovie but this is not really legal nor recommended for that matter. Let’s go through some reasons why this is not ideal:

  • Spotify does not allow users to export music on the user’s devices so you would need a third-party tool to allow you to get that music.
  • Once you download the music, you would need to convert it since Spotify protects it by serving it in an odd format called Ogg Vorbis.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, Spotify’s music is protected by copyright which means that, even if you go through all the tedious steps which we’ve mentioned above, you would still not be able to use this music if you publish your video online.

Explore Epidemic Sound’s music catalog to find over 50,000 tracks and 200,000 sound effects which you can use without having to worry about any copyright-related issue.

Can I use songs from YouTube for iMovie?

Similarly to Spotify, YouTube does not allow users to easily export songs on their devices. If you want, you can find ways to download music from YouTube videos and add it to your iMovie project but this would likely create some copyright-related issues.

That is because most of YouTube’s music is protected by copyright and using it in your projects will cause YouTube (or other platforms) to either ban your account, remove the audio from your video leaving it “mute” or prevent you from monetizing the video that has the forbidden music in it.

We recommend you choose royalty-free music directly in your iMovie projects so that your videos will be ready to be uploaded on all major platforms out-of-the-box. Interested in exploring our royalty-free music catalog? Try Epidemic Sound and start soundtracking.

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