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The Easiest Licensing Ever!

Using our outstanding royalty free music content couldn’t be easier. Two plans – choose the one that suits your needs.
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Our licenses start at per second of music used.

Whether you are Post Production Professional or a video hobbyist, our uncomplicated global license covers you for all your audio and visual use.

YouTube Subscription

Monetize from day one; starting at per month, per channel.

We’re the only music provider offering a fully integrated solution for your YouTube videos. You can subscribe to unlimited amounts of 100% Royalty Free music for all your YouTube channels.

There’s nothing quite like Epidemic Sound!

Every single song in our library is produced to the highest of standards. Our music stands apart from any other production music out there.

Epidemic Sound has gone on to become a home for artists from across the music spectrum, extending from energising Swedish House, to catchy mainstream Pop, even on to the more edgy Dubstep, Psych, and cinematic scores. Whatever your mood, our music will help set the stage, amplify the drama and drive the action to a climax. We guarantee a sonic cocktail for your audience’s eardrums without ever sounding like a standard production music library.


A Truly Royalty Free Solution

Royalty Free Music Re-imagined, is our approach to tackle the complexities of music licensing. Where other Libraries claim to be Royalty Free; then require you to report usage, pay performance royalties, or even sync and mechanical rights. We include everything, bundle all the legal rights you need into one simple license.

Once you have paid for our music, your production is ready for distribution worldwide – you can sit back, relax, and know your content is ready for global success; even in years to come, with just one payment. This is Royalty Free Music Re-imagined: all rights cleared in perpetuity.

Uncompromising quality

It’s that kind of unique thinking that ensures that you don’t just have the best license but also the best content possible. Delivering tens of thousands of unique, beautiful, handcrafted songs and more than 30 thousand sound effects on our service. And each and every one was reviewed and approved by our prize-winning production team; among the best in their field. With great taste, great suggestions, and great ideas.

We always put quality music first. Whether you buy music for TV or radio broadcasts, games or apps, as an in-store radio or for your burgeoning YouTube video channel; it’s this unparallelled quality that makes Epidemic Sound your perfect music partner.

Let us help you select the best tracks for your production.

Creative freedom

Because to us, things should always be easy. That’s why our intuitive search & discovery tools are just the beginning.

Our tracks are not just available as whole songs but also separated into instrumental mixes or “stems”. This means you can easily loop just the drums or bass. And even remove the parts of a song interfering with your scene. Instead of offering you thirty second loops that never fit the action; we give you full creative freedom to trim and break down the song to fit within your outpoint. And that’s what we are all about – power to the Editors!

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Two plans – couldn’t be easier!
License Tracks

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Our licenses start at per second of music used.

YouTube Subscription

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Monetize from day one; starting at per month and channel.