Epidemic Sound for Twitch

Epidemic Sound for Twitch

Want a killer soundtrack for your Twitch stream but worried about copyright claims? Epidemic Sound’s catalog of 40,000 original tracks come with all rights included, removing the risk of copyright complexities or having your stream taken down.

Always Twitch-approved

Always Twitch-approved

Just connect your Twitch channel to one of our plans and you’ll be covered for unlimited use of our catalog while streaming. No surprises, no complexities, just awesome tracks.

Exclusive, authentic music.

Exclusive, authentic music.

Epidemic Sound’s music is produced by the best in the game. We collaborate closely with our artists to deliver world-class tracks of every genre. Whether you’re after holiday music, beats, acid jazz, or heavy metal, we’ve got it!


With an active Epidemic Sound subscription, you are free to play our music on the stream channel connected to your subscription.

Connect your channel

Connect your Twitch channel to your Epidemic Sound subscription, so Twitch knows you’re cool with us.

Unlimited streaming

Stream using as many of our tracks as you like!

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