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If you want to soundtrack your Facebook streams and ads, you need the rights to the music you use or you could receive a copyright claim. With Epidemic Sound, you can soundtrack, share, stream, and advertise your content across Facebook, worry-free.

Soundtrack without limitations

Soundtrack without limitations

Because our music comes with all rights included, we make soundtracking your Facebook content as simple and safe as possible. Just connect your Facebook account to one of our plans and you’re covered to soundtrack your Facebook content, including ads and streams. Enjoy unlimited usage of over 40,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects.

The freshest music at your fingertips

The freshest music at your fingertips

The Epidemic Sound catalog is diverse, and filled with original tracks. This isn’t stock music. This is music from your favorite Spotify playlists. Used by the most successful brands, influencers, agencies and media companies around the world.

On average every month our tracks are played for over one billion hours on YouTube and receive millions of daily streams on Spotify alone.

For more information about soundtracking on Facebook, check out Facebook’s guidelines.

Streaming or Ads? We got your back!

Streaming or Ads? We got your back!

Facebook does not allow the use of copyrighted music while streaming or in ads. With Epidemic Sound’s catalog of music and sound effects, you’re free to stream and create ads for Facebook without compromising the quality of music.

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