What is TikTok Effect House?

TikTok Effect House was launched in April 2022, offering content creators the chance to make their own effects and share them with the world. Here are the basics!

TikTok Effect House

TikTok Effect House was launched in April 2022, offering content creators the chance to make their own effects and share them with the world. Here are the basics!

What is TikTok Effect House and what does it do?

TikTok Effect House is a platform that lets people create Community Effects for TikTok. These effects are made with augmented reality, otherwise known as AR. Whether you want to create a new green screen background or turn someone’s face into the zebra from Madagascar, TikTok Effect House gives you the tools to build it.

It also features a bunch of how-tos, learning resources, and more – even if you’re not an expert, TikTok Effect House can help you get up to scratch.

Who can use TikTok Effect House?

TikTok Effect House launched in closed beta mode back in fall 2021, but since April 2022, it’s open for the general public. If you’re a designer, creator, or developer using TikTok, now’s your time to shine.

How do I get TikTok Effect House?

It’s super simple to get TikTok Effect House. However, it’s only available on Mac at the moment. You can download it for free here.

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How does TikTok Effect House work?

Once you’ve downloaded TikTok Effect House, you just need to log in with your regular TikTok username and password. You’ll then be brought to the home page.

Learn the basics

You can begin with some simple tasks in the banner at the top. These tasks include:

Underneath the banner, you’ll find some recommended effects templates. These cover popular effects like 3D Face Mask and Hand Gesture. If you’ve no idea how to create effects, maybe steer clear of this for now. However, if you’re familiar with the process, go nuts! For a complete guide on creating with TikTok Effect House, click here.

Using TikTok Effect House

Explore the sidebar menu

On the left-hand side, you’ll see a handy sidebar menu. Here, you can:

  • Browse more effects. This includes the recommended ones we already mentioned, alongside several other categories: Face, Body, Interactive, and World. 
  • Check out your recent projects. Naturally, you won’t find anything here until you start using TikTok Effect House to create your own effects. Underneath this, you can also create a new project by hitting the big blue button. 
  • Head to the TikTok Effect House website. This is where you’ll find all the latest news, updates, and so on.
  • Browse TikTok Effect House’s learning resources. This is an extensive library filled with everything from visual scripting to animation.
  • Leave feedback. It’s crucial for improving the platform, so if you find anything you think can be made better, here’s where you can holler.
  • Manage effects. This is tucked away right at the bottom, underneath your username. Clicking here will bring you to your profile on TikTok Effect House’s website.
Using TikTok Effect House

Can you make anything in TikTok Effect House?

Broadly: yes. There are countless effects on TikTok, and TikTok Effect House opens it up for more people than ever. You also have the chance to create branded effects, which sounds pretty sweet if you already have a brand partnership or sponsorship set up.

However, as Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” TikTok holds inclusivity and safety at the heart of everything it does, so anything made and submitted through TikTok Effect House is reviewed by the Trust and Safety team. This ensures nothing unpleasant, illegal, or poor-quality gets published. You can steer clear of this by brushing up on TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Effect Guidelines.

If your effect is rejected, you’ll usually be allowed to revise it and resubmit. So don’t worry!

Why should you use TikTok Effect House?

Besides being creatively fulfilling, TikTok Effect House gives you the scope to expand your audience. If your effect is approved and available for people to use, they’ll see that you created it. Your effects are also collected in their own unique library, so people can scroll through all your creations.

If you want to see how well your effects are doing, that’s easily done. In the sidebar menu of the TikTok Effect House app, you can track your effect’s performance by clicking the ‘Manage’ button on the bottom left.

TikTok Effect House is an exciting, hands-on way for regular creators to learn more about AR and start making the kind of content they want to see.

Get stuck in, learn the tricks of the trade, and use TikTok Effect House to build your following, create stunning effects, and set yourself apart from the pack!

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