The product roundup

Let’s recap the recent releases from the product teams at Epidemic Sound.

The product roundup

Matching music with video has never been easier

We wanted to come up with a way to let

ou preview your video with music and sound effects without leaving Epidemic Sound. Without having to download and import the track into your editing tool, we wanted you to be able to visualize how a track will work with your video.

So, we built Sync to Video: our own video player where you can sync any track in our catalog to your video. Sync is ultimately about convenience and helping you find the perfect soundtrack for your content quicker and easier. But what would make it even better? What if all you had to do was play your video and get matching music recommendations? An automatic, intelligent, AI-powered soundmatcher, maybe? Introducing Soundmatch!

Custom soundtracks for your video in seconds

No more browsing for a song that fits your video. Soundmatch finds it for you. Soundmatch analyzes your video and recommends tracks that take it to the next level. It lets you go from an idea for a video, a rough cut or a clip, to discovering the perfect soundtrack for your project in a matter of seconds.

Simply play your video and hit ‘Soundmatch’ to get instant matching music recommendations. Move the marker in your video timeline to get recommendations for another part of your video – soundtracking like a pro has never been easier.

Safelisting, in-app!

Safelisting your channels on the online platforms where you publish content is important, as it allows you to monetize your content while avoiding problems with copyright claims. Now you can do so in the app! Just go to the bottom right tab, ‘Saved’, click the profile icon in the top right corner, then choose ‘Safelisting’. The Personal Plan includes safelisting of one channel per platform, and the Commercial Plan includes three channels per platform. You can upgrade your subscription here. 

The app's now available in German and French

In addition to English and Spanish, our app now speaks French and German! If your device language is set to Spanish, you’ll automatically get the new, localized version of our app. If you want to change the language for the app, you can do so in your phone’s general settings. Get the app here.

Music + feelingz = vibes

We all search for and find soundtracks for our content in different ways. With curation, we try to cater for as many of these ways as possible.

In fact, we’ve even researched the topic, discovering that most creators prefer searching for music based on vibes rather than genre. By focusing on vibes in our curation, we can create playlists that better connect with your way of finding music for your content.

We’re releasing 50 new music playlists with unique 'vibey' editorial concepts. To find them, go to the 'Themes' page on the ‘Music’ tab, or 'Featured playlists & themes' on 'Discover.' For example, check out 'Trending on TikTok', with playlists like Vaporwave, Barbiecore and Afrofuturism. Read more about our #Vibey playlists here.

Find your soundtrack quicker with our new navigation

By making the search bar more easily accessible and combining Search and Browse on the same pages, we want to make it easier and faster for you to find the perfect soundtrack. Our new main navigation features the following tabs: Discover, Music, Sound Effects, and Saved. Search is now accessible directly on the Music and Sound Effects pages.