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At Epidemic Sound, we’re always looking for new ways to help you find the perfect soundtrack. That’s why we’ve introduced our #Vibey playlists – check out all the details below.

Why is Epidemic Sound introducing #Vibey playlists?

We know that storytellers like yourself search for and find music in different ways. In fact, we even researched the topic, discovering that most creators prefer searching for music based on vibes rather than genre.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to soundtrack based on emotion, how it feels. Sometimes, your content doesn’t fit in a neat box – it might have an abstract quality that you can’t quite pin down. The aesthetic requires something that doesn’t describe an emotion, but rather creates an emotion. That’s a vibe right there.

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Why should I be excited about #Vibey playlists?

Our #Vibey playlists are punchy, relevant shortcuts between our catalog and your content. By focusing on sensory, aesthetic descriptions, we can help you nail the vibe and find a soundtrack that doesn’t just suit your content, but improves it.

How do I find #Vibey playlists?

Digging into #Vibey playlists is easy. Just head to the Epidemic Sound Player, and you’ll find our #Vibey playlists under the ‘Themes’ section in ‘Browse’. You can also access our #Vibey playlists in the ‘Featured playlists & themes’ section of the ‘Discover’ tab.

We’ll keep looking at ways to tweak and expand our #Vibey collections, so you’ll never be left hanging.

What are the latest #Vibey playlists?

We’ve been pumping out #Vibey goodness since May 2023, with plenty of core playlists already live. There’s even more coming down the line, but for now, here are our two main #Vibey sections: ‘Genres Meet Moods’ and ‘TikTok Aesthetics’.

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Genres Meet Moods

Genre is a vital part of finding the right track. After all, if you know what style of music you want, you’re one step closer to finding it. By combining genres and moods, we can give characteristics to specific genres – this makes it simpler to rifle through potential tracks.

For example, if you wanted to use a gnarly heavy metal track in your content, you could check out the Dark Metal playlist. If you wanted something that’s happy and acoustic, then you could try… well, the Happy Acoustic playlist. We’ve got you covered!

Dig into some of our ‘Genres Meet Moods’ playlists below:

  • Happy Acoustic: Yep, we’re bringing it up again as it’s one of our most popular playlists! Perfect for soundtracking your feel-good, bright content.
  • LoFi Hip Hop: These dreamy, laid-back beats are ideal for unwinding. If you need a chilled song to accompany an unboxing, montage, or tutorial, this playlist’s got you covered.
  • Tropical Bangers: Can’t quite figure out what genre the music from ‘Love Island’ falls into? You’ll find those kinds of upbeat, tropical bangers housed in this playlist.
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TikTok Aesthetics

People express themselves as much, if not more, on the internet than IRL these days. Trends and culture live and die online, and younger generations have started using their digital savviness to forge new identities behind the screen.

Since 2015, there have been over one billion cumulative views on YouTube for super-niche aesthetics like Cottagecore and Dark Academia. Music helps express these aesthetics. By digging deep and representing these communities and moments authentically, we’ve curated a whole host of playlists to fit the most obscure of vibes. 

Don’t believe us? Try some of these out for size:

  • Barbiecore: Prepare for the ‘Barbie’ movie in style. This playlist’s packed with K-pop, future bass, and the synthiest sunshiny bops you could imagine.
  • Afrofuturism: There’s never been a better time for Afrofuturism than the present, the ‘Black Panther’ movies well and truly kicking it into the mainstream. Taste the cutting-edge with this playlist.
  • Coconut Girl: Get ready for sun, sand, and silly amounts of tunes. This playlist will make any upbeat, sunshiny content seem even sparklier.

Ready to get #Vibey? Sign up for a free trial with Epidemic Sound below, and soundtrack to your heart’s content.

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