Nerdforge is a YouTube channel that explores creating things by hand with a uniquely nerdy focus.

From building their own heavy leather Spellbook to a handmade Desktop Mini Fridge - their channel is full of creative content. The kind of things you didn’t realize you needed! However, while the spellbooks may be handmade, it’s their creative passion that turned their hobby into a career. Today, we're going Behind the Creator's Lens to explore the world that Nerdforge has created for themselves!

The two people behind Nerdforge are Martina and Hansi. A young couple living in Norway, who operate their channel out of their new apartment space in Drammen! You'll immediately notice the unique aspect of their space - almost every room has some kind of creative concept behind it. Hansi's room is decked out in black paint - something everyone advised him against doing.

Meanwhile, Martina has her own workspace that matches her style. This helps the couple better manage their time - both can edit videos OR create nerdy items without disturbing each other. But, they can also shoot, work and collaborate together with ease. They also have a balcony area where they can work on things that are a bit messier such as wood! In terms of creative spaces, their place is filled with both inspiration, unique spaces and freedom to work together or independently.

The Nerdforge name comes from a subscriber suggestion of their first workshop space and it matches them perfectly. Between shooting their personal shots and product shots as they are being worked on, they often have a lot of wait time. That's when they start working on editing their videos. Looking at their shots, considering what music they want to use, and planning the feel of the video all take plenty of time. But fortunately, glue takes equally long to dry! They often create their videos to 'build' to the conclusion, going from fun and light to epic as they reveal the end product.

Martina then shows us a little bit of her current project - a new spellbook, which will be the brother to the one she completed. Every element of the book is handcrafted. She starts by giving the paper coffee stains, then putting them in the oven to dry. Next, the cover is hand-carved with a mallet and chisel. Then painted, dyed and left to dry. Naturally, there are a ton of other details that require patience and focus before the product is ready.

If you’ve ever been passionate about doing something, follow it! Nerdforge is a prime example of how you can turn your hobby into a career. It requires patience, dedication and plenty of time - but eventually, you too can make turn your passions into your livelihood!

Songs featured in this episode:

  • The Christmas Thieves by Leimoti
  • Malibu Cruise by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
  • Halftime by Yellowbase
  • Recess by AGST
  • Live my Dream by Velveteen
  • Wait till the Summer by Origo
  • Triumph by Edgar Hopp

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