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Behind the Creator's Lens: Nicole Eddy

Behind the Creator's Lens: Nicole Eddy

Nicole Eddy is our second creator featured in this series. Hailing from South Africa, she's been a staple in the travel vlog scene for years. With over 73,000 subscribers, Nicole's vlogs find her traveling around the world but also exploring near home.

Her captivating personality and upbeat attitude shine through in every video she creates. Behind the scenes, she's exactly same as she is on camera! Every bit as lovely as you might imagine.

You'll immediately get a sense of the commonality that exists among content creators in this episode. Nicole is in the midst of capturing what may be a sunrise with one camera while balancing her vlog camera on her shoulder. It's something that neither Peter McKinnon or Matti Haapoja feel is out of place. Minutes later, as an intro to her own vlog, Nicole explains the concept of what she's doing and why she's in Sweden. We couldn't have explained it better ourselves! Then it's off to Norway!

A quick stop into a convenience store brings about a fun moment as the group is introduced to 'Smash'. Smash is a sweet, salty and crispy treat - which the group clearly falls in love with immediately.

Important to note that Nicole uses the opportunity to create some social media content for Instagram Stories at that moment. After some epic drone shots, we get into the mind of Nicole a bit - she's definitely about locations. Mentioning the Ice Hotel as an ideal destination to vlog from, she uses travel between their morning location and end as b-roll.

Something that many may not realize, but doing a daily vlog means finding time. For travel vloggers this can be especially difficult as your natural reaction is to take in what's going on around you.

In this case, Nicole's commitment wins out and she spends much of the car ride editing her vlog from the day before. At their next hotel, that grind continues as she works hard to get the previous day's vlog completed. "A daily vlog, you have the start, the middle and the end - the story is already there," she says. "When you try and make an overall video [covering an entire trip], you really have to put [effort] into it to make sure that it all flows." She also opens up about why travel makes vlogging so much easier. "Being at home, you often feel uninspired. You feel like you've done everything a thousand times. So when I'm traveling, I'm prioritizing video."

As for the music, she does sometimes pick the song before the shoot. But, she prefers dropping her footage into the timeline with a rough cut - then choosing a song once she knows the feel of the video.

Songs featured in this video include:

Nordic Shine - Savvun
Terrain - Splasher! https://youtu.be/OmEbQTtj8eI
Before The Dawn (COE Remix) - Wild Beaches feat. COE https://youtu.be/RzoJhD3Wo84

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Behind the Creator's Lens: Nicole Eddy
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