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Female & Non-Binary Artist Spotlight

Female & Non-Binary Artist Spotlight

We believe women and non-binary people must be present in every room. Today, we want to take the opportunity to showcase three of our fiercest female and non-binary artists and their top tracks. Curious to get to know them? Read on!


We all need a way to express ourselves. Since her childhood, for Dajana, this has come through making music. While the identity issues she experienced both growing up and throughout her life have shaped her music, they are a secondary factor within her music today.


Dajana's music is a contemporary blend between genres, but you'll find a base current of soul and pop that flows all throughout her work. Dajana got into music early and learned melodies by ear on the keyboard as a child. Her music career began through a Swedish TV show - Fame Factory - but subsequent releases put her into a box in the studio.

Nowadays, she has reached a stage where her music comes straight from the heart, and she can present her true self to the world: “The melodies I make are an expression of my thoughts and feelings. Making music is a very meditative and pure process for me”.

Top tracks by Dajana:

  1. True Love
  2. Polyandry
  3. Lonely Heart

Want to check out an interview with Dajana, about pride and creativity? Click below!

Alex Kehm

Alex Kehm is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Middletown, Rhode Island. Throughout her life, Alex has used songwriting as a tool to cope with personal experiences and search for her identity. After being bullied as a young teen, Alex decided to turn her hardships into music to help others.

Alex Kehm

“I want to use my voice and my music to remind others out there who are struggling that they’re not alone.” In a short period of time, Alex Kehm has claimed her seat at the table, and rightfully so. From her bedroom, she writes, records, and produces contemporary indie-pop – all with her iPhone.

In October 2019, she released her debut EP ‘Butterfly Effect’ followed by her second, ‘The Art of Letting Go,’ in April 2020. Alex’s mature voice and straightforward writing reflect experience beyond her years, and there’s really no telling what the future holds for this multi-talented 17-year old. Curious to hear some of her music? Check it out below.

Top tracks by Alex:


Want to check out the music video for 'Sorry'? Click below!

Torii Wolf

Nothing quite can encapsulate an ethereal sound like Torii Wolf’s. Their journey as a musician began far before a conscious thought – but as a feeling deep inside. Torii feels deeply connected to alternate planes of existence, which is sonically evident in their music.


Through Torii’s journey in music and life, they realized, much like other existences of reality, they are non-binary. Torii’s unique experience and talents have landed them on tour with the legendary DJ Premier, accompanying the hip hop giant all over the world. Torii’s music evokes a sense of primal sensuality that leaves listeners feeling nothing but raw emotion and a desire for more. Check out some of their top tracks below.

Top tracks by Torii:

  1. Shatterproof
  2. Lantern Room
  3. Go Quiet  

Want to check out the music video for 'Lantern Room'? Click below!

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Female & Non-Binary Artist Spotlight
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