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Faces of Epidemic: Olle Öberg

Faces of Epidemic: Olle Öberg

Epidemic Sound’s YouTube Manager, Olle Öberg, fills in the blanks in this edition of 'Faces of Epidemic,' where you'll get to know the people behind Epidemic Sound. Read on to hear about his best tips for higher engagement and what you need to stand out on YouTube.

Three quick questions to kick things off

My favorite YouTuber is LAHWF, who got me started with YouTube. He made innocent, awkward interactions with strangers years ago.

I’m currently listening to loads of different music, but my last-played top song on YouTube Music (yes, I'm a YouTube nerd) is Go_A - Шум. Some of my favorite artists that I have the honor to work with at Epidemic include Sarah, the Illstrumentalist, Cospe, Ooyy, AGST, and Cody Francis.

If I weren’t doing what I do now, I would probably work with YouTube in one way or another. Alternatively, I’d be doing something involving journalism, or helping and teaching people.

Behind the scenes with our creator Clavero and artist Nico Renfigo, making a music video for Nico’s single, “No Remix.”

Let’s talk about YouTube

What I do as a YouTube Manager is constantly build and develop our ecosystem of YouTube channels, setting up long-term plans based on insights from our wonderful community and what the YouTube data actually tells us. My job also includes leading the development of collaboration with other teams and finding ways to represent Epidemic Sound, creators, and our artists in the best possible way.

My best tips for higher engagement are to take an analytical approach and be data-driven. The algorithm doesn’t hate you, and by taking this approach, you can always tweak and try to aim higher. If something isn’t working, try something new and experiment. Find like-minded creators and get feedback from each other consistently. Also, YouTube is not a sprint, but a marathon. T try building a catalog of videos that viewers can binge-watch.

The best way to keep track of trends is to study the creators who are blowing up. These creators became successful at a certain point in time for a reason, on the back of trends that constantly change and evolve. What are the biggest trends in your niche, and how can you produce meaningful content around them? Try to find a way to incorporate these trends in your content.

To stand out on YouTube, you need to do what you really want and feel passionate about. If you’re just looking for views, it won’t last long. You need to care about what you’re posting. After all, if you don’t care, why should anyone else? I’ve worked with several YouTube channels – some videos rack up millions of views, others get less than 1,000. But I enjoy the process, and as long as someone appreciates it, that’s good enough for me.

One thing I wish I knew about YouTube ten years ago is that production value doesn't matter much – it's about the message and the value that you provide. Having fancy gear is nice, but that really comes second. It’s better to shoot using a smartphone and provide valuable content than to use the best camera, lighting, and studio with nothing to say. The content is the most important thing. Provide value by entertaining, inspiring, or educating!

If you want to learn about the best YouTubers to follow for inspo and growth, check out this blog post written by Olle.

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Faces of Epidemic: Olle Öberg
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