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Faces of Epidemic: Martina Levin

Faces of Epidemic: Martina Levin

Epidemic Sound’s Fullstack Software Engineer, Martina Levin, fills in the blanks in this edition of 'Faces of Epidemic,' where you'll get to know the people behind Epidemic Sound. Read on for her best tips if you´re new in tech, and what it means to be a Software Engineer.

Three quick questions to kick things off

I’m currently listening to 'Good Vibes Only' by Nbhd Nick and everything from Moonica Mac!

Nbhd Nick – Good Vibes Only

My favorite software program at the moment is the photo and video editing app, VSCO.

The first thing I do after I wake up is snooze, and eventually I put on a pot of coffee.

Let’s talk about tech

What I do as a Fullstack Software Engineer is pretty much everything! I get to work with both the frontend and backend. Sometimes I make design changes to the frontend, which is what our users see. Other times, I get to work with the backend stuff, which can be our APIs, integrating different services or adding business logic to our platform.

The most challenging part of working in tech is that the fullstack scope can get quite big! There's a lot of different parts that need to come together for a service to work properly. Everything from styling the actual components of the product, integrating different systems, having tracking in place and proper tests. It's fun to have a lot of variety, but in the beginning of your career it can be quite overwhelming to wrap your head around it all.

Martina Levin

If there's new functionality that needs to be added to our services, the engineers in our team usually get together and map out what exactly needs to be done and how we would like it to look and work. The most important part of the process for me is breaking down the work into smaller tasks.

Building the Community Space for our creator Community was super fun! It's both an exciting product and a project that lets me work with new frameworks. It's been a great experience getting to build a whole new service, watching the design take form, getting feedback from our Ambassadors and trying out different versions to see what works and what doesn't!

My best tips if you’re new in tech is to not be afraid to ask for help. I've been blessed with having senior engineers around me in the teams I've worked on, who've always been happy to help out with scoping tickets. Getting work assignments that are not too out of scope, but still challenging for you, is key to building a good foundation.

Did you find Martina's insights valuable? Keep your eyes peeled for the next 'Faces of Epidemic' blog post, where we'll get to know another exciting person from Epidemic Sound.

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Faces of Epidemic: Martina Levin
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