An Insight Into the Royalty-Free Music Industry

Legis Music, an educational platform about royalty-free music, explains what royalty-free music is, where you can get it, and why it's your best option for soundtracking content.

An Insight Into the Royalty-Free Music Industry

In need of music for your videos but not quite sure where to look? In this blog post, Legis Music, an educational platform about royalty-free music, explains what royalty-free music is, where you can get it, and why it's your best option. So if you're planning on soundtracking some content any time soon, give it a read!

I've had an online business for almost five years now. Fate decided it would revolve around a topic I didn't previously know existed: royalty-free music.

Today, Legis Music has become a known reference on the Internet for anyone who wants to better understand how this industry works. And oh boy, after all these years, the one thing that still gets to me is how great this solution is.

Music licensing: do's and don'ts

Picture this. You find a famous song you think would work great as background music for your video, but then some questions start to pop into your head. Am I allowed to use this? If not, how can I get a license to use it? Whom do I have to contact? Will it be expensive? Will I be able to use it on all social media channels and advertisements or just in some of them? Or none?

And let me tell you: right there, you entered the black hole of music licensing. And you're never going to get out until you change your way of thinking. Using royalty-free music is easier, cheaper, and safer – by a thousand times. On top of that, you’ll never have to compromise on music quality.

We often tend to think that famous songs are more appealing to our viewers. I'm not going to tell you they're not. But by having a commercial hit soundtrack your content, you’re giving the background music too much weight in your video, figuratively speaking. Your content should be enhanced by the music, not taken over by it. If your video is good, looks professional, compels the viewer, and the background music is great but not widely known, you'll have a great final product no matter if the music is famous or not. In fact, it will most likely be better with music that is perfectly picked out to intensify your video.

Running a content business revolves around many things, but most importantly, it has to be profitable to continue to exist. Time is money, so you - or anyone in your team - cannot spend weeks, sometimes months, searching for a single track for your content. The process of looking for copyright holders, waiting for them to reply, and making custom deals with them is simply not a sustainable option.

Where to get royalty-free music for videos

Thankfully, that’s not your only option. Platforms like Epidemic Sound offer you a much better one. Now, imagine this scenario instead: you sign up for a free trial on a website, start browsing through its gigantic library of high-quality music and sound effects, find one (or 20!) tracks you want to use in your next project, and simply click 'download.' How easy is that? All tracks also come in stems, which lets you remove parts of a track that doesn’t fit your unique sound. The best part is you never have to worry about the legal complexities or licensing part – Epidemic Sound will do that for you.

Want to use royalty-free music in your content? Sign up for a free trial or browse our catalog to find your next soundtrack.

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