A Chat With Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

Want to hear all about Sarah the Illstrumentalist's new sound? Read on for a ‘4 to the floor’ with Sarah and the Epidemic Sound Music Curation Team.

A Chat With Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

Following this year’s new release, ‘No Traffic in LA’, our Music Curation Team was curious to hit up Sarah, the Illstrumentalist for a chat. Want to hear all about her new sound? Read on for a ‘4 to the floor’ with Sarah, the Illstrumentalist.

Sarah, the Illstrumentalist released the new EP ‘No Traffic in LA’ earlier this year, surprising her listeners with a slightly different vibe than her earlier laidback, funky west coast beats. What’s different? The BPM is snapped up and tweaked towards a classic house sound with influences from Detroit and Chicago. We were curious about this new vibe and checked in with Sarah to talk about it.

Q: You have released some house music stuff recently. Can you tell us something about the project?

A: I created ‘No Traffic in LA’ at the beginning of the pandemic when everything started to change. There were no paper towels, food in the grocery stores, and No Traffic! For the first time in my life, I witnessed “No Traffic In LA.” I wanted to brighten up the mood by sharing a collection of dance music. A lot of this music is old beats I made when I first started making them. I went back and revised the music to apply new skills to the beats.

Q: What inspired you at the moment?

A: I was inspired to send positive energy. With Covid completely changing everyone’s life, I wanted people to allow themselves to escape reality for 20 minutes.

Q: How has Covid-19 influenced your creativity and productivity?

A: I just wanted to make happy music during a sad time. I’ve been more creative during quarantine and focus on sharing good vibes.

Q: How is it working with Epidemic Sound?

A: I love working with Epidemic Sound. They support me in creating what makes me happy. I was very scared but excited to create dance music because it was my first time sharing this type of music. I feel very supported and loved by everyone! Thank you so much!

Keen on using some lo-fi and soulful music in your content, or perhaps you’re more into hip-hop beats with a jazz vibe? Look no further than the tracks and albums below by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist.

No Traffic in LA

And hey, make sure to stay tuned for Sarah's upcoming release 'VAPORS' that will hit our library and streaming services next week. 'VAPORS' came to life during quarantine and it has a high pace that will have you feeling like you're in a retro video game. In Sarah's own words: "I wanted to create energetic dance songs that will take you to another dimension". Stay tuned for its release!

Sarah, the Illstrumentalist is a music producer, content creator, and vinyl junkie from Raleigh, North Carolina. She creates soulful, lo-fi, and boom-bap hip-hop with a dusty jazz spaceship vibe and has over 900 000 monthly listeners on streaming platforms. Aside from music, she owns and acts as a creative director for beat making lifestyle brand ‘No Quantize’ and shares her beat-making skills and experiences through her YouTube channel, Sarah2ill.

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