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Things You Didn't Know About What the Chic

Things You Didn't Know About What the Chic

What the Chic aka Katy Esquivel is a Peruvian beauty and style Guru with over 5 million subscribers! The Spanish language channel is well known for her expertise and unique tips and tricks.

She joined us in Sweden to be our first guest on a new series we're calling Fika With. We took her to Stora Henriksvik, where we indulged in conversation and delicious treats!

Fika With is a series where we ask every question you've wanted to know about your favorite creators. Fika (pronounced fee-ka), is a Swedish custom of a social coffee break, often with pastries. It's a chance to get to know creators better, and ask them all kinds of interesting questions! We're summarizing some of the big questions that we asked, and she answered - but encourage you to watch for ALL the answers!

Q. What would be a perfect day for What the Chic?

What The Chic: A perfect day would be a snowy day, inside a nice [chalet] with a blanket, Netflix and Hot Chocolate.

Q. What makes you laugh the most?

What The Chic: Animal videos, oh my god, they are the best!

Q. Where do you go to have fun?

What The Chic: I really love Free Diving, but whenever there is not a beach close by, I just like staying at home. I'm a very lazy person.

Q. What big life changes have you experienced this year?

What The Chic: Many, but I feel like the biggest thing that has changed my life is when I discovered love.

Q. Can you tell us about how you started on YouTube?

What The Chic: I started YouTube almost 8 years ago. I was a very lonely and shy girl, watch my first video, it was awkward. I did it because I wanted to have friends and share these fashion and beauty tips online. That's how it all began. Now, YouTube is my life. It's everything.

Q. How did you come up with the name What The Chic?

What The Chic: The funny thing is that it's just a random thing I decided with my roommates. It has no real meaning. Sorry to disappoint you!

Q. Tell us about your work with Empire Youth?

What The Chic: I have a campaign that I made called Love Me and it's about talking to people about fighting bullying. It's about loving yourself enough to be able to respect yourself and make others respect you. It was a lot of [hard work] to put in for such a beautiful campaign that I put my heart into. It lasted an entire year and has changed my life.

It was also something born from personal experience. I was bullied when I was younger and went through a very dark phase. So it wasn't objective, I had a mission in mind - and I'm glad I did!

Q. You now have a new channel, Katy the Chic, what's the motivation?

What The Chic: It was something I did because my fans asked for it. They wanted to see more about my life, and it started as daily vlogs. After I started traveling more, I decided to make them more about bringing people with me on my trips.

Q. If you hadn't started a YouTube channel, what would you have been doing today?

What The Chic: That's a good question. Believe it or not, I would have been a wedding planner. As for my own wedding, no I will not plan my own - I want to enjoy the experience without worrying.

Oh, and if you are curious about the Princess Cake that What the Chic asks about, and enjoys... Princess Cake is a Swedish Layer Cake that contains sponge cake, jam (often raspberry) and pastry cream. It is often domed in a layer of whipped cream and topped with marzipan!

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Things You Didn't Know About What the Chic
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