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Why You Should Join the Community Program

Why You Should Join the Community Program

The Epidemic Sound Community Program connects creators and empowers them to reach their goals. All Epidemic Sound users can join by going to epidemicsound.com/community and get started with their personal referral link.

For every new user that signs up through your link and becomes a paying subscriber, you’ll receive a free month on the Personal Plan (worth $15). If you’re paying yearly or if you’re on the Commercial Plan, you’ll receive a $15 discount on your next payment.

Epidemic Sound Ambassadors on the set of the shoot for the Community campaign

After reaching 12 new paying subscribers you can level up to become an Ambassador, meaning you’ll get paid in cash for each user you bring in. As an Ambassador, you get 50% of what the new subscriber pays for their plan during their first 12 paying months, or up until they cancel, if earlier.

Let’s say you bring in a new monthly Personal Plan subscriber. You’ll make $7.50 per month for a whole year, or until the subscription gets canceled. In other words, you could make $7.50 x 12 = $90 for every new Personal Plan subscriber that signs up via your link. Same thing with the Commercial Plan, which will get you $24.50 every month, half of the full subscription cost of $49. If that same subscription were to be paid yearly, you’d get half of that in one go, meaning $149.50!*

The ad for the Community Program featuring Epidemic Sound Ambassadors

Some of our high-performing Ambassadors will also get the chance to become Brand Ambassadors and collaborate closely with us on creative boundary-pushing and globally distributed campaigns and paid opportunities. Our Brand Ambassadors are the faces of the Epidemic Sound brand and have their own dedicated Creator Partnerships Manager.

We’ve designed the Community Program to be inclusive and diverse. We believe that creators should be able to thrive no matter where they come from or how big of a following they have. The Community Program lets us grow together, rewards longevity and enables our users to benefit from having a loyal and engaged following.

*The revenue earned depends on the type of subscription, transaction fees, foreign exchange rates, VAT rates and localized market pricing. Your commission is paid out when the accumulated amount reaches $90.

Fabian Midby

Fabian Midby

Fabian is a Product Marketer at Epidemic Sound. He's responsible for core messaging, taking new products & features to market and turning customer insights into hypotheses for product development.

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Why You Should Join the Community Program
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