Introducing the new Epidemic Sound Community Program

We’ve launched the Epidemic Sound Community Program, which allows creators to level up their content and earn money. Read all about it here.

Introducing the new Epidemic Sound Community Program

Your success is our success – that’s why we’ve launched the Epidemic Sound Community Program. It brings creators together, gives them the tools to level up their content, and lets them earn rewards and real money. Learn all about it here, with some tips and tricks from Cecilia Blomdahl, a content creator who’s been one of our Ambassadors since 2021.

What is the Epidemic Sound Community Program?

The Epidemic Sound Community Program is rooted in referrals. The more people you refer to Epidemic Sound, the more exclusive rewards, subscription discounts, and cash you earn. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

We’ve always taken pride in empowering our Ambassadors to soundtrack the internet, and the Community Program takes that one step further.

“I put a lot of emphasis on the music in my content,” says Cecilia. “Together with the footage, it helps convey emotion on a deeper level. When I started making content, I ended up using Epidemic Sound after researching tons, and there are so many incredible songs and sound effects available to you as a user. Epidemic reached out about collaborating one day, and I became an Ambassador!"

How to join the new Epidemic Sound Community Program

With the new Community Program, it’s easier than ever to get started, earn rewards, and become an Epidemic Sound Ambassador. Here’s how you can get in on the action.

Start as a Referrer

Head over to the Community Space in your ‘Me’ page, which is housed inside the Epidemic Sound Player. Here, you’ll find a unique referral link. This link is yours to use in content, descriptions, and to send; you can share with your friends, colleagues, and audience. The more, the merrier!

For every sign-up you snag with that link, you’ll receive a free month on our Personal Plan, or $15 knocked off your Commercial Plan. Learn more about how to earn money with our Community Program here.

If you're feeling particularly musical, encourage your audience to sign up by sharing your referral link through a playlist. Yep, that's right. Tucked away in the Community dashboard, you have the option to share any of your playlists as a live referral link, which works just the same as a regular one. You can do this with as many playlists as you like, too – if people click on them and become paying users, you'll enjoy your discount. Pretty sweet!

Grab your personalized link here and start sharing!

Level up to an Ambassador

The Community Space keeps track of your referral progress. This dashboard lets you see link clicks, new paying subscribers, earnings, and future and past payouts to your bank account. You can also track how many people have signed up using your link.

Once you’ve brought twelve people in, pat yourself on the back – once you click the ‘Level up’ button, you’re an Ambassador! At this stage of the Community Program, you’re given several ways to earn money, collaborate, and create.

The benefits of being an Epidemic Sound Ambassador

Being an Ambassador is more than just being successful in a referral program. “I don't have any co-workers since my business is just me, so working with Epidemic makes me feel appreciated,” says Cecilia, who lives on the remote Svalbard island near the North Pole. “It really feels like being part of something fun!”

Here are some of the perks you’ll enjoy when you reach Ambassador level:

  • You can use Epidemic Sound for free.
  • We offer you a 50/50 revenue split for each new paying subscriber you bring on board, for an entire year. If someone signs up for $15 a month using your link, you’ll pocket $90, assuming they stay as a paying subscriber for the full 12-month period.
  • Downloadable graphics to use in your content.
  • You have the chance to become a Brand Ambassador. This means you can participate in boundary-pushing global campaigns and events, with exclusive benefits and growth opportunities tailored specifically to you as a creator. Brand Ambassadors are the faces of Epidemic Sound and have their own bespoke deals and dedicated points of contact.

It’s a tough balance – everyone’s trying to sell something these days. But by communicating the benefits of an Epidemic Sound subscription in a way that feels natural to you, you can let other content creators know what they’re missing out on.

“Always be authentic and stay true to yourself,” adds Cecilia, who’s built an audience of nearly 2 million across her social media channels. “Making videos I think my audience wants doesn’t work out – I need to make the content I want to make. That’s why people follow you in the first place!

“You can absolutely take audience requests, but remember to stay true to the content you want to create. That way, people will see that your number one priority is to make great content – and you can help them do the same with services like Epidemic Sound.”

But just how easy is it to get people to sign up? Is it as simple as pointing people in the right direction?

“The music I use is an integral part of my content, and my audience appreciates it,” Cecilia explains. “I always try to list the songs I've used in the description box, which I know is something I’d appreciate from other creators. It’s also a great way to get inspiration – clearly listing what music you’re using, and where you got it from, is an authentic way to inspire people and drive them to sign up for Epidemic.”

To wrap things up, the Epidemic Sound Community Program leaves you tons of room for growth as a creator. To make the most of your referral link:

  • Aim to use your referral link on all platforms. Instagram, YouTube, Twitch – you name it!
  • Make sure to use the original link without shortening it. Otherwise, we might not be able to attribute the sign-up to you. 
  • Try to keep your referral link above the fold. If it’s at the top of the description, it’s visible to viewers straight away.
  • Share your referral link via playlists. Hook people in with music and earn your rewards!
  • Find the right music in our catalog, so your content conveys a unique mood viewers might not have seen expressed before. Freshen up your knowledge and dive into our 40,000 tracks here.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your unique referral link below, and start your Epidemic Sound Community Program journey today.

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Cecilia Blomdahl is an outdoor photographer and videographer. You can check out her work, merch, Patreon page, and more here.

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